Animal Testing

Don't let it happen.

Things you probably didn't know

92% of experimental drugs that are safe to use on animals fail in human clinics because they are too dangerous or do not work.

Europe ordered a ban on all sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals.

Some tests consist of killing pregnant animals and running tests on their fetuses.

Registration of a single pesticide requires at least 50 experiments which use over 12,000 animals.

Skin and eye cosmetic tests include rubbing chemicals on shaved skin or dripped into the eyes of guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and mice without any pain relief.

10 MILLION animals are burned, crippled, and poisoned every year.


Scientist have found a way to use human cells which predict human reaction better than animals do (watch video below). If you sign the petition below today, you can stop the cruel use of animals in drug and cosmetic testing.
Organs on Chips -- Wyss Institute

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