All About Me!

By: Liam Webber

About my Name:

Hello, my name is Liam. Liam is Gaelic (Irish) for William (Wil-liam). My Grandfather's name was William so I took his first name. My other Grandfather's middle name was John so that is my middle name.

My birthday:

My birthday is June 19, 2000. I'm 15.

I'm a Gemini (If you're in to that)

I went to Wildwood, Nj for vacation this summer (and every other summer)

Where am I from?

Born in New Jersey raised in The woods.

I am from the Poconos. If you don't know where that is, it is the Northeastern corner of Pennsylvania.

What do I do on my free time?

I'm a Social Media kind of person so I am on my Phone and computer ALL THE TIME!

I'm also a big Music kind of person so music is playing 24/7!


I was with PALCS for the last two months of school last year (and now this year also).

PALCS helps me academically. My grades really improved after starting PALCS.

Tech skills?

I would be a 9-10. Like I said I am always on technology.