Digital Day

By: Kyla Lantz

The addiction is real.

From the time I wake up in the morning to the time right before I fall asleep at night, I am almost always using technology. I spend numerous hours, thousands of minutes, and thousands of seconds on my computer or cell phone each day. I am so into my technology that i have the latest MacBook Air and iPhone5s.

The crack of dawn

My alarm on my iPhone wakes me up every week day morning. I set 3 alarms so I give myself time to wake up and get ready for that certain day. Sometimes I'm so exhausted from the day before, that I get ready in about twenty minutes.

I eat with, breathe with, and live on my iPhone.


I have two jobs, Jump N Play and Jimmy John's. I have to use a register at both jobs and also a telephone; These ways of technology help me to meet a customer's needs.


After my work days, I lay in bed for nearly an hour on my phone. I check my bank account and catch up on my social media websites. I know how awful it is and how addicted/dependable I am on my phone. It should be easy to just relax without it for a period of time, but it's so much harder than it seems.