The Coach's Corner

Keeping Taylor Teachers in the Know- November 16



Mon.- 2nd grade

Tues.- 1st grade

Wed.- Kinder

Thurs.- Picture Retakes- No PLC

Fri.-5th grade

*Remember- backwards planning can take place during this time! Thank you to those teams that are discussing and drafting SMART goals. Keep up the insightful conversations!

Please pick up your copy of Mindsets in the Classroom from the office!

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Sign-Up Genius

If we have previously discussed learning walks or modeling lessons, please go ahead and sign up for a time this week! THANK YOU!

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Curriculum Updates
  • Cluster 4 is now loaded for all grade levels.
  • Kinder Mentor Lesson 3.6 has been revised. Please access the updated version of this lesson in Eduphoria Forethought.The updated lesson has a new poem attached to support K.8B (describes characters in a story and their reasons for their actions.)

Upcoming PD:

2nd grade- December 9: 12:30-3:30- ADMIN Building. Please register on Eduphoria!

Great Article from Stephanie Harvey

This is a little lengthy but is a wonderful refresher on what we are really aiming for with comprehension!


* Due to a substitute shortage, it was necessary to postpone today's previously scheduled curriculum writing. The Math department will have curriculum documents for cluster 3, which begins in January, as soon as they can complete them. They will have cluster planners, CBAs, and daily problem solving available before Thanksgiving. Lessons will be posted when we return from break.

*Please refer to Forethought throughout the cluster because as ideas/activities/lessons are shared with the curriculum department , they add them to Eduphoria for all to use. They also post announcements on adjustments made to CBAs or lessons in the Forethought window.

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often