CSD Weekly Update

WEEK #2, August 28, 2020

Dear Cambrian Families,

As we close out WEEK #2 of our 2020-21 school year, I want to thank you for your continued patience and support this school year as we navigate together the multiple situations to ensure your child is supported and learning. There are some situations that are within our control and others not such as the recent fires, air quality and at times spotty internet coverage. I do hope you all are safe, healthy and out of harm’s way from the recent fires. I also am hoping your students are developing healthy school habits and a steady routine with their distance learning. Even our smallest and newest students seem to be getting the hang of things!

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I also want to acknowledge that the work we do for our students requires tremendous teamwork and collaboration to support your child’s learning. This team is multi-faceted, consisting of our students, staff and all of you to make all of this happen during distance learning. So with that...thank you!


This past week we sent out information in regard to the local fires and ways to connect to emergency alerts. Given the various situations that have been happening over the course of the past six months we have added on the front of our website under the short cuts “Emergency Alerts.” For instance this past week we shared about how to stay connected and prepare in case of Power Outage or Evacuation. The Emergency Alert information on our website now to assist with resources due to the wildfires. Please consult our website for help.

MEASURE R BOND 2020--Election Day is November 3rd

The Cambrian School District Governing Board approved on August 6th to place a Bond measure on the November ballot. CSD schools have educated generations of local children. But most of our schools were built about 60 years ago and need to be upgraded. Measure R provides a plan to address the most critical CSD facilities and technology needs .

Measure R Ballot Question: “To repair/upgrade aging classrooms, science labs, school facilities, and instructional technology to support student achievement in math, science, engineering, technology, and arts, repair deteriorating roofs, plumbing, electrical, remove asbestos/lead pipes where needed, and upgrade classrooms/computers to keep pace with technology, shall the Cambrian School District measure authorizing $88,000,000 in bonds at legal rates be adopted, levying 3 cents/$100 assessed value ($5,235,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, with citizen oversight/all money staying local?”

We have posted important facts for you to fully understand our goal and reasoning.

How will Measure R funds be used for?

  • Modernize classrooms, labs and technology needed to support high quality instruction in math, science, engineering, and the Arts.

  • Repair/Replace deteriorating roofs, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and electrical systems where needed.

  • Update classrooms and computer systems to keep pace with technology.

  • Remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead pipes from our older schools.

  • Upgrade computers and technology needed for students to take classes, interact with teachers, and complete assignments online if they can’t be there in person.

  • Improve student safety, campus security, and access to school facilities for students with disabilities.

Please check out our website for more information on the upcoming Measure R Bond .


The Cambrian School District has been in the process of assessing potential land redevelopment of District-owned properties as a new ongoing revenue stream to support our students, programs and District . After evaluating multiple options, we identified the Metzler Elementary School at Cambrianna Drive as a promising opportunity to convert a portion of this site into an ongoing revenue stream. The proposed development matches and complements the character of the neighborhood.

The proposed housing development project for the Cambrian School district will generate ongoing revenue that will support CSD’s outstanding programs.

Please join Cambrian parents, teachers, and neighbors and click here to sign a letter of support asking the City of San Jose to approve the District’s general plan amendment application.

For more information about the Cambrian School District’s “Support Our Students” land development initiative, please check out our webpage or contact former Cambrian School District parent Eve Walton at: SOSCambrianSchoolDistrict@gmail.com. Stay informed on the Initiative, please sign up for our mailing list by clicking here.


This past week the California Department of Public Health released new guidance to schools statewide. This guidance provides guidance for necessary in-person child supervision and limited instruction, targeted support services, and facilitation of distance learning in small group environments for a specified subset of children and youth, and for those programs to understand the required health and safety practices needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their settings. Please click here to review the new guidance. While the guidance provides the latitude CSD is determining and assessing the actual reality of next steps with the student to adult ratio for these specific small groups. Of course we will keep you apprised as we move forward with any changes.

In addition, I want to assure you that Cambrian School District is still in the process of applying for the Preschool-6 elementary waiver, which may allow some groups to come back to school. We will continue to keep you informed as the process moves along.

As we end our second week of the 2020-21 school year, I want to commend our amazing families who are going the second mile to accommodate their students. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your invaluable partnership with the Cambrian School District. I hope you have a restful, wonderful weekend. We are CAMBRIAN!

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Staying Connected through Technology

We want to do everything we can to help with your technology needs. Thanks for your partnership!

  • Troubleshooting: Here is a quick go-to guide if you are struggling with accessing one of our digital tools. This guide along with a lot of other information is available on our Distance Learning Help! page.

  • Tech Help: If you have challenges getting your child logged in online and need assistance, you can reach out to our Technology Help Line (http://bit.ly/39PmbSj). We will have staff call individuals back in the order that they are received to help get your child get logged in.

  • Imagine Learning Literacy/Math Login: You must use the Clever application portal to access the Imagine Learning Literacy/Math applications. Please do not try to login using the app (iPad) or the Imagine Learning website.

If you need to borrow a device to please see the Device Loan Request form on our Distance Learning Help! page: https://www.cambriansd.org/Page/3640.

Distance Learning Program

As we are sure you know, distance learning can take some getting used to. We want to equip you with valuable resources. Please refer to our guidelines at Distance Learning/Virtual School Program Guidelines for Students and Parents/Guardians. On our District website (www.cambriansd.org), we have a section for the Virtual School Program and another for our Distance Learning program. Please consider consulting these pages for valuable resources pertaining to the Virtual School Program and the Distance Learning program.

Virtual School Program Information for VSP Families

We know that many of you have reached out with more questions seeking for better understanding of the program and offerings regarding the Virtual School Program. In an effort to provide more clarity about the program, we have provided detailed information in the following Slide Presentation. We hope that the information in the presentation will alleviate some of the confusion about the Virtual School Program for you and your student. Need more info? Visit our Virtual School Program website at https://www.cambriansd.org/Page/3693. Have more questions? Please read the Frequent Asked Questions section. We have compiled this from community feedback in hopes of addressing your most common questions. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please complete the following VSP Feedback Form and someone will get back to you within 2 business days.


If you have enrollment questions answered please call our office during business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. You can also enroll via our webpage. Still have questions? Contact Carlena Grandey at the District Office:408-558-4906, or grandeyc@cambriansd.com.


The next meeting of the Governing Board will be held Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. through Zoom. The public may participate remotely using the link sent out the week of the event.