Bananas are super foods?

Sierra Petty

Why are bananas known as a super food?

Reasons why bananas are so healthy:

  • No Fat
  • Contain- 120 calories, Vitamin B6, vitamin C, 467 mg potassium, 1mg sodium, and 5g fiber
  • Reduce the chance of strokes, heart attacks, cancer and cramps
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help with diarrhea( fiber)
  • Helps make your bones and heart health

Fun facts

Did you know bananas;

  • cure hangovers
  • inside of banana peels can treat bug bites
  • putting a banana peel onn your head can relieve headaches
  • great for fertalizer
  • inside of banana peels can polish leather shoes
  • smelling bananas can make you less hungry