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Since the beginning of time, there has been no greater gift than love. For You Woman: Spirit Jewels is a poetic expression of the four ways we experience love: through the mind, spirit, body, and soul.

As you dip into the dozens of fresh, imaginative poems in this collection, you’ll get swept away in a torrent of words vividly describing grand romantic gestures and dreams of the future.

In “That Mystical Urge,” the author explores the deep, raw, and magical feelings of intimacy. “Could We” depicts the intensity and vulnerability of surrendering your heart.

The Big Bang” is a lyrical explosion of sensual intimacy and passion. “The Oprean Empress” extols the virtues of Oprah Winfrey, the crown jewel of womanhood.

The book also includes several thought-provoking short stories and essays. “Sleeping Beauty” examines how darkness and ignorance can hinder any “princess” and how self-love conquers all. And “Love Letter” is addressed to the love not yet found but desperately desired.

Celebrating women, relationships, and the emotional phases of the heart, For You Woman: Spirit Jewels offers a transcendent journey for anyone seeking to indulge in the art of love.

Purchase FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels by Author/Poet ME

Meet ME - Mystic Voyager and Spiritual Awakener

What if a normal young man were kept away from women for thirty years? Meet ME, a man who loves women with the same innocence and passion he had when he was forced to give them up thirty years ago.

During those years, he wrote about women and love, bestowing flesh on his dreams, and out of that struggle to remember and keep alive the passion of youth has come a unique volume of stories, poetry, and articles aptly titled, For You Woman: Spirit Jewels. Raw, optimistic, and powerful, For You Woman helps readers remember how it was to love without restraint or caution, believing that love is sacred, the gateway to God.

Time stopped for ME when he was shut away from women, and his musings on life, God, Goddess, love, passion, eroticism, and fulfillment provide the reader with abundant food for thought. Framed in the Black English of the ghetto and the prison, For You Woman loses nothing in translation.

While the language is raw and untutored, the subject matter is love in all its forms and all its faces, written of with great passion and delight. Grammar police may not approve, but as Marshall McLuhan, professor, philosopher, and public intellectual suggested, “The medium is the message,” and it is proved in this case.

The author, calling himself ME, is a philosopher of love and truth whose writing skills and insights were honed in the belly of the underworld. As a retired bank robber, ME is, in his own words, an intellectual thug, a spiritual gangsta whose crystallized experiences provide shrewd twists, unique perspectives and visions. He is an artistic scholar, a hopeless romantic, a mystic voyager, and a spiritual awakener of and for mankind’s destiny.

Book Review written by Dan Neumann

An Inspiring, Engaging, Entertaining, Enlightening Book

Nathaniel Thurston (ME) wrote a body of poems, essays, and micro-stories that you’ll end up reading like a devotional. Each poem is typically only a page or two long at the most, but you’ll be tempted to digest and reflect on its truths for a time before going on to the next page. The elephant in the room, of course, is Thurston’s 30-year residency in jail. For some of you purchasing “For You Woman,” that may be the reason why you’re interested in the book in the first place.

I’ll tell you now that it comes through strongly that these writings amount to a legal prison break. He has broken through the bars and the bondage of incarceration by communing with the spirit of God/Goddess/Love– freeing his mind and soul. This book reminds the reader that sex shouldn’t be sought for carnal lust, but for the unparalleled spiritual connection it can afford if we’re in the correct state of mind.

Thurston is more-or-less speaking to females in general in his poetry, but don’t let that discourage male readers. These poems will inspire you to recognize the divinity in women (and even woo them). Due to the maturity and the unadulterated veracity of the message, “For You Woman” is NOT bedtime reading for youngsters. –Review Written by Dan Neumann

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ME was raised in the dirty South: the inner-city neighborhood of Liberty City in Miami, Florida. He considers himself a classic old-school gangsta, a hustler, and a scholar. He is also a Vietnam-era veteran.

ME wrote and illustrated a comic strip book in the seventh grade, and in college, he penned articles for the newspaper of the University of the District of Columbia. But it was not until he spent time in a maximum-security federal prison that he had the time to focus on polishing his writing skills.

Like a diamond formed in the wall of a volcano due to prolonged, intense heat, he gradually transformed into a poetic prophet of truth and love—a poetic Picasso from the hood.

BPM: Have you always been a writer and poet? Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Yes, I have always been a writer and poet. It is what I was born to do. In the 7th grade, Me and my friend, John, wrote a comic strip book. While in Korea, the Army, I received a ‘Dear John’ letter; my engagement over. I was dumped and wrote an essay on Love. It was printed by the Miami Times along with the letter I wrote the editor and a picture. But my present preoccupation originated and took off while I was in prison.

BPM: What has influenced your writing the most?
The Spirit of Love, Life and You Woman. Whereby, upon such inspiration I get to share the Spirit Jeweled gifts of the Word of de-Light.

BPM: Tell us about your new book. What do you hope readers take away from it?
FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels introduces an innovative creative writing style of Spiritually Intellectual Poetic Art that incorporates a mix of profound jeweled insights and wonders of Love, Life and Relativity.

Its central subject matter of Love is forged upon the FOUR ways we experience Life… Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul. Whereby Spirit Jewels manifest as Creative Masterpieces of Poetry, Prose, Short Stories and Propositions of ‘Plenty Game.’

This book is designed as a very place for the reader’s Mind, Spirit, Body, and Soul… as a retreat, refuge, a rendezvous with forever. To partake in a connection with a kindred ego of Spirit Jewels.

BPM: Give us an insight into your primary message for couples in Love.
That Love is Spiritual at its core by design of the Creator. So that the pure your Heart and Intelligence is… The greater your potentials for Love and the Relationship will be to generate Spirit Jewels.

BPM: How do you find or make time to write? Are you a Plotter or Pantster?
I am both a Plotter and Pantster, but primarily a Pantster. Wherein the moment… Inspiration strikes like thunder and lightning. Whereby, mostly at night, when it is quiet and there are less distractions, I write. Dreams awaken and those meaningful inspirations instilled in the moment of the day comes to Light.

BPM: What was your favorite chapter or poem to write and why?
My favorite chapter to write is the “Romance (MIND) Chapter. Because it embodies why this book was written. “Ahh yes, the Game of Love… the Chase, the Challenge, the Politiks, the give-and take of Love and Loving is the adventure of romancing thee. For in the game of Love, romance is how we intimately play ‘in’ Love since it s the play ‘of’ Love, as i play ‘on’ you, to play ‘with’ you, hahaha, crazy huh!? Yes, about you and i Love it! i Love the chase, the pursuit of your divine feminine essence… of winning your Soul, seducing your senses, your dreams, your very being.”

BPM: Talk us through your experiences as a self-published author. Why did you go down this route?
My experience as a self publisher are the same as the experiences into our journey of Life. You learn the hard way from your mistakes as you extract the good from the bad. Writing is the easy part, it is the business side of publishing that is the challenge. The business side shows how cynical people are about money. A dog eat dog world. Being a self publisher is the only way to go. You have no submissions or rejections, you the boss – control over the book’s content, cover, marketing, and promotion. The best part is that all the money is yours.

BPM: Did publishing your first book change your thought on writing? Was it positive or negative experience?
Publishing my first book did not change my thought process on writing. It refined my creative skills and techniques in the process of writing. For Me, writing is a work in progress, a masterpiece in motion. Like fine wine and cheese, the thought process of writing only gets better with time.

BPM: What is the most rewarding part of your artistic process?
The Challenge of Creativity. The Process of combining a spiritual intelligence dynamically with the reader. So as to feed, awaken and connect with the reader on the highest and deepest levels of their being…

BPM: Was there an early experience where you learned that the written word had power?
In elementary school I read my first novel. “The Cricket In Times Square.” I was hooked on the power of the Imagination of the Word. Ever since, I was hooked on the adventure of reading. The places it can take you; past, present, future. The ideas, images and concepts of the mind… fictional and non-fictional.

BPM: What is one of the things you are thankful as a writer?
Being blessed with the gift of the power of the Word that you can share with the world. Sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences I have acquired with that of the reader.

BPM: If you can pass on advice to authors out there reading this interview, what would it be?
That knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can give, do and express as a writer. You can only write what you know, what you feel, what you experienced. The quality and level of writing is directly correlated with the quality and level of the writer’s character. It is like a computer programmer, garbage in, garbage out.

BPM: Share some of your writing goals. What projects are you working on present?
To use writing that can take you and humanity to the next level… of Truth and Love Spirit Jewels upon the Word of non-fiction – Poetry, Science, Reality. And fiction – Novels. I have a novel project that mixes action, adventure, mystery, history, romance,,, everything on the deepest levels.

And I have a non-fiction science thesis on Metaphysics – A Philosophy Discourse on the Nature of Reality and Existence. When you put an Intellectual Thug in prison over 30 years, Me could only dig to the highest depths as a Spiritual Gangsta. With plenty shizzit to write.

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Poetic Intellectual Art

For You Woman: Spirit Jewels introduces an innovative creative writing style of Poetic Intellectual Art that incorporates a mix of profound insights and spiritual wonders of Love, Life and Relativity.

Spirit Jewels is a phonetic metaphor of a ‘Spiritual’ adventure of enchanting philosophical visions and revelations of our most intimate, intense and powerful needs with shrewd poetic twists that seduces the senses. Majik and mysticism permeates the avant-garde life-force that this book generates. It’s a truly unique, gourmet, reading experience.


ME is the pen name of the author. ME represents the Mirrored Mankind of existing as human beings. ME is that other hidden you revealed and experienced as…ME. The author identifies himself, to the reader as ME, a paradox to those who ask about the author’s identity. So, ME is a shrewd alter ego of you woman. A reflection of the imperfections ME be’s in you, you be’s in…who ME, Yeah you.

ME places the reader in his space, his fate, his yai eye. He writes for all who doesn’t exist as ME. Who can only be but a mystical reflection of humanity’s Spirit jewel. Me.



Why is it that when we make a fool of ourselves we say that Love made us do it ? We say that Love made us do something stupid or negative in our relationship. We blame a whole bucket of stuff on Love… it supposedly makes us go crazy, mad, and insane due to Love hav-ing blinded or confused us to do ‘tings that cause problems in the relationship. Of course this is an error of fact.

Sure the feelings of Love are a very strong and powerful influence in our lives. But Love ONLY Loves, it do not make decisions or excuses, it do not need approval or allowances, it do not play games or politics. Love do not have needs or wants; it has no insecurity, plans, or mo-tives… Love only Loves, it’s just that simple.

The problem lies in the fact that we allow our feelings to overrule our common sense judgement. We make decisions based on how we feel. We be so busy so caught up on how much we Love… that person and the benefits of it to us that we allow them to use us or we simply DON’T CARE. But it sho aint Love that cause us to be ignorant, immature, naive and just plain foolish when it comes to relating with your mate. It’s our being ‘stupid’ about Love that we allow such problems to get off on us.

The point of fact to be made about being STUPID about Love is that we had and still have a choice. So you chose to be a lame duck, a SUCKER to trust yo ignorant inability to have common sense judgement with yo feelings. Most of us learn from the mistakes we make with our feelings. It like anything else in our lives, either we control certain aspects of our lives [or] IT will control us! The judgement you make to trust your mate to privileged allowances must be made with pure logic or at least use common sense. Trust is to be earned, so of course it’s foolish to do things you would not ordinarily do. But please don’t blame Love, just charge it to inexperience or being stuck on stupid.

So when you are deceived or fail to see the truth or reality of that person or situation it’s because you had your head up your… Rasz. So naturally your lack of control and insight will result in negative, foolish, or really crazy reactions… in the Blame of Love, every time. Quit blaming everything and everybody else but YOURSELF and simply take the responsibility for your life to grow up and on. Hey, Love will always do its job, you just gotta do yours, know what i mean.

Now there is the popular notion that there is a thin line between Love & Hate. That Love can turn to hate and hate to Love. That’s like water turning to fire or shit to sugar, silly isn’t it. Love is Love and hate is hate. Hate is the result of our emotional immaturity from anger and frustration that we have with that person or situation. For when we Love someone and they dump us or betray us or do not return the Love we have for them… then we act like a ‘jerk’ and jerk Love around to hate, simply out of hurt and anger. Now you still Love that person, you’re just mad at em for not Loving us the way we want to be Loved or for not being still together or for something they did that you find unforgiveable. Like i said, you still Love em, its why you’re acting so emotionally juvenile. We know personally how hard it is to make changes, yet we so brilliantly assume that Love can turn to hate is no more likely than the truth turning into a lie, it don’t happen.

It seems the biggest problem we have with Love is our approach to Love. We misunder-stand its true nature. Love is a divine spiritual power that is ‘holy,’ omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and infinite. Yet we approach Love in a crude, unrefined ignorance that is ‘pro-fane.’ We do not understand the sacred spirituality of Love and its divine prominence. We ap-proach Love with animal instincts, we approach such divine immortality with mere mortality. We truly miss the significance of its divine depths and power, but when we experience bits and pieces we get a glimpse and taste. So we set out blindly and crudely_ about_ seeking such di-vine powers of Love. And with such an approach, how can we attain Love’s greatest glory. We can’t. Our approach must be adjusted to its true sacredness, only then can we begin to spiritually Love like we were meant to Love.

Probably the biggest mistake we make with Love is that we try to own it, we try to selfish-ly possess it. This causes mucho problems when we foolishly try to possess Love. Love is universal and trying to selfishly own it is like trying to own and possess the ocean or a rainbow or sunshine. It simply don’t work that way. Love Don’t Love NOBODY; Love just Loves and it do not care who, what, where, when, why or how it Loves … Love just Loves. Yet we try to make Love our very own personal property. We be wantin it when we want it, the way we want it and get all bent out of shape when we can’t have our way. We do not realize that ‘we are Love’ and that we have access to it at any time. But we need CONFIRMATION from outside… of us thru the possession of Love from another. How can you own somebody else Love ? Hey! All i know is…you’re MINE!!!

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