VCR Lesson 7

Russell Harris

Fill in the blank with the correct word from lesson 7

Jill's __________ work with the local charity earned her much respect and admiration from the community.
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The word and definition

meritorious (adj.)

praiseworthy; deserving reward or esteem


MEREO, MERERE, MERUI, MERITUM (L.) "to earn," "to deserve," "to merit"


  • commendable
  • exemplary
  • honorable
  • praiseworthy


  • corrupt
  • dishonorable
  • immoral
  • improper
  • unworthy
  • wrong

Word Origin

  • The word originally came around in the early 15th century.
  • Originally meaning "deserving of divine grace"
  • Derived from the Latin word meritorius meaning "that for which money is paid, that for which money is earned."

Meritorious Service Medal

  • The Meritorious Service Medal is a military award presented to members of the United States Armed Forces who are awarded for outstanding meritorious achievement or service to the United States.

  • It was established on January 16, 1969.

  • The award follows the Air Medal and is followed by the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. The DMSM is rewarded for non-combat outstanding achievement or meritorious service.

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly

a. Leo's meritorious performance in The Revenant earned him his first Oscar.

b. The soldier's meritorious service in the Armed Forces earned him a military medal.

c. Because of the student's meritorious attitude, the teacher kicked him out of the classroom.

d. The quarterback's meritorious work in the game earned him the esteem of his fellow teammates.


The correct answer is C because a meritorious attitude would earn respect and praise instead of punishment.