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News about the great things at R.C. Burleson Elementary!

Welcome to the Outstanding Owl!!

Hello R.C. Burleson Staff,

January has come and gone, and February now here! Let's keep the momentum going. You all have done some OUTSTANDING acts so far in 2016, and we are excited to see what's to come!

Remember, this newsletter is utilized to highlight various activities and accomplishments that occur on campus. If you want to feature anyone or anything that deserves Kudos at our school, please email me with a picture and/or description. We are doing great things, lets share our great work!

R.C. Burleson's Vision

Our vision is to achieve distinction in academic, social, and self- excellence through dedication and collaboration.


KUDOS CORNER - (This corner comes from members of the staff that want to give a shout out to an Outstanding Owl.)

  • Kudos to Ms. Lewis and her test coordination team for ensuring that our campus had a smooth ACP process
  • Ms. Blair for her Natural Disaster Science Lab Day! Great job of hands on instruction for students.
  • Mr. Rodriguez for always being willing to help in any way asked, with a SMILE! Thanks for all that you do here at R.C. Burleson.

TEAM Attendance For December

As you all know, we are monitoring attendance for staff for individuals as well as teams.

For the month of December the Kinder team came in 1st Place with 98.2%. Way to Go!

1st Semester Perfect Attendance

The following staff members held perfect attendance for the 1st semester of the 2015/2016 school year, Ms. Rivera, Mr. Ford, Ms. Williams, and Ms. Zalace. OUTSTANDING!!!

3RD Six Weeks Perfect Attendance

The following staff members had perfect attendance for the 3rd Six Weeks!

Ms. Aguirre, Ms Akalonu, Ms. Baca, Mr. Beltran, Ms. Clay, Ms. Cortez, Mr. Davis, Mr. Ford, Ms. Frazier, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Guzman, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. F. Hernandez, Ms. Ingram, Ms. J. Jackson, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Y. Lopez, Ms. Ware, Ms. Mcknight, Ms. Pagan, Mr. Rodriguez, Ms. Ross, Ms. Scheihing, Mr. Thrash, Ms. Trout, Ms. Ulloa, Ms. Vied. Ms. White, Ms. Woods, and Ms. Zalace!

Thank you for being here consistently for our students!

Professional Development Day at Burleson


Teachers were sharing excellent strategies to ensure the success of our Pre-K students. They will surely be ready for Kindergarten. Way to go Pre-K!

A Big Thanks Goes to the Staff Members Who Sponsored Students During the Book Fair!!

Spruce Feeder Principal's Meeting

We would like to thank all of the staff members who made the visit a success. Special thanks go out to Ms. Blythe, Mr. Rodriguez, Ms. Guerrero, and Grandma for the decorations and set up. We would also like to thank Ms. Casiano and Ms. Ulloa for setting up the food. There were also teachers who opened their classrooms for observation, Ms. Ingram, Ms. Trout, Ms. Reed, Ms. Hamilton, and Ms. Clay. You demonstrated purposeful instruction in a wonderful way!!

The entire building did a great job! What a way to represent!


A special shout out goes to all of the staff members in attendance for the January PTA meeting. You all were Outstanding. You are putting in the work by connecting with our parents and showing up when they need you. 3rd-5th Grade teachers also shared what students need to know for the STAAR test. Outstanding Job Ms. Daughtry, Ms. Moreno, Ms. Rivera, Mr. Ford, Ms. Clay, Ms. White, Ms. Ingram, Ms. Trout, Mr. Beltran, Ms. Reed, Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Woods, Ms. Alexander, Ms. Lewis, Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Rodriguez!

Remind 101


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