american hero

Andrew jackson

He started as a common man

Andrew Jackson was born into a not rich family. Jackson started out as a general in the United states Army. He had to work his way to the top just like any other man. people could easily relate to him because he understood what it was like to be a common man. He stood up for what the poor men wanted.

Moving the Native Americans

Andrew Jackson wanted to move the native Americans off their land so that more Americans could settle there. Jackson took the initiative to get the United states more land. Even though the Indians were forced to move off their land they were still getting more land that they could settle on in Oklahoma.

The National Bank

Jackson felt that the national bank was wrong for the United states. He felt that the National bank was made in favor of the rich men and not the common man. He wanted to make the United States a better place for not only for the rich, but for the common man as well.

Jackson and his men at the battle or new Orleans

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