Volunteers and Visitors

2020-21 School Year Updates

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Welcome back volunteers and visitors! We are excited to be preparing for a new school year. We would love to see you return as one of our valued volunteers for the 2020-21 school year. We are honored by your commitment and dedication.

Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, our volunteer program will be implementing some changes to better meet the needs of those visiting or volunteering at our schools while continually improving our processes related to student safety.

First, we now differentiate between visitors and volunteers. Examples of each have been provided to assist you in the determination of which category you fit into. Secondly, only individuals falling into the screened volunteer category will be required to complete a background check. A recent state statute change requires all individuals falling into the screened volunteer category to complete a FBI fingerprinting and registration with the Family Care Safety Registry. Because of the change in state statute requiring a FBI fingerprint background check, all previous background checks are no longer valid.

Individuals submitting a volunteer application will receive an email with additional details and directions regarding next steps.

We are currently unable to allow volunteers or visitors to our school sites during the month of July. We are hopeful to be able to welcome you back when school starts in August however, we do not yet have that direction. As soon as more information is made available communication will be provided. You can also always check the volunteer page on the SPS website (page linked below).

If you fit into the screened volunteer category I would encourage you to move forward with completing your application and taking the next steps to complete both portions of your background check. This will allow you to begin volunteering just as soon as we are able to allow volunteers back in the buildings. NOTE--If you are unable to reach your site volunteer coordinator during July and August please reach out to me, Amy Patton, Coordinator of Student and School Services.

Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to SPS students and staff. Please reach out should you have questions. You are greatly appreciated!

With respect,

Amy Patton

Coordinator of Student and School Services



Visitor Definition

A Visitor is a parent, relative, or other adult with permission of the child’s parent or guardian who visits the school for a specific event or reason, or attends an off-campus school-sponsored event. There is no reasonable expectation that a visitor would be alone with a child other than their own.

A Visitor checks in at the front office, presents their identification for clearance through the Visitor Management system, and wears a “Visitor” sticker at all times while in the building, at an off-campus school event, or field trip during school hours.

Examples of a Visitor

Person attending assembly/play

Parent-teacher conference participants

Individuals attending IEP/504 meetings

PTA meetings

Person visiting for lunch

Community/business members visiting for a singular event under the supervision of admin or teachers

Person attending field trip with their child

Person attending a class party

Guest speaker

Person attending the book fair with their child

Screened Volunteer Definition

Screened Volunteers are adults who assist teachers, administrators, or other staff in public school classrooms, schools, or school district programs and who do not receive compensation for their work.

Screened Volunteers serve under the guidance and direction of district personnel. Volunteers have submitted a Volunteer Application to the school district, have cleared a background check, and will wear identifying stickers or badges at all times while on school grounds or at school-sponsored events. All Volunteers, like all adults entering our school buildings, must check in at the front desk and present their identification for approval through the Visitor Management system.

Examples of a Screened Volunteer

Person chaperoning an overnight event

Book Fair volunteer

RSVP reading buddy

Library worker

Office helper

Classroom support

Reading/Math Tutor

Community partnership of the Ozarks volunteers

Field trip chaperone

Leaders/Helpers of any school-sponsored before or after school clubs

Field day station volunteers

Lunch Buddies

Logging Volunteer Hours

Great news! You no longer have to enter your volunteer hours. When you check in through the visitor management system as a volunteer the system will track your hours for you!

It is important that you remember to check in and out through the visitor management system each time you volunteer so that we can get an accurate record of your time. Only approved volunteers will have the option of selecting volunteer when checking in. All other individuals will need to check in as a visitor.

Volunteer Application

Screened volunteers applicants must submit the new volunteer application.

SPS Volunteer Web Page

The volunteer application, information, and any updates can be found here.