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New Student Blast #1


We are thrilled you have accepted your offer of admission and will be joining us this fall! My name is Liz McCreary, and I'm the Assistant Director of Community on our team. To ensure you're ready to start the program strong, we'll be sending New Student Blasts until full advising support starts in June. As with any new endeavor, there is a lot of information to learn, so we thank you in advance for carefully reviewing the blasts and staying on top of your responsibilities as a student to ensure you maximize your time at JHU SOE.

What's in this Newsletter?

1. Meet the Program Team

2. School Vision and Quick Facts

3. MSEd Program Overview

4. Action Items you can complete today

5. Planning Ahead

6. Contact Info

Meet the Program Team

School Vision and Quick Facts

The Johns Hopkins University School of Education will lead the world in attracting the most talented and diverse individuals into the fields of education, counseling, and public safety. We will guarantee educational improvement and community well-being by assuring that our students, and others in the profession, have the most innovative tools and effective approaches to advance learning.

  • Began in 1909 as College Courses for Teachers
  • Named the Johns Hopkins School of Education in 2007
  • Named #1 School of Education in 2014 & 2015

MSEd Program Overview

As a program we commit to be: Rigorous, Innovative & Responsive. We'll leave it with this teaser for now, but assure you we'll cover each vision statement in more detail during your new student orientation over the summer. The question we'd like you to be thinking about now is:

What is my role as a teacher and how will it enable me to make a difference in the community in which I am serving?

As you think about this question, please also reflect on why you're pursuing continuing education and what your goals are for the next two years with JHU.

Action Items that can be completed Today

Set-up your JHED ID (Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory):

  1. Go to myJHU: my.jh.edu
  2. If you don't know your JHED ID, put your name in the search box, and on your name page, the ID is listed.
  3. Then click on the First Time User Tab.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your password. First time users will require a social security number. International students that don't have an SSN, please contact the Registrar at soe.registration@jhu.edu and ask for your 988 number.
  5. Once you have set up your JHED ID and password, you will always be able to login into the myJHU to access all the JHU online services.

Set up your JHU email account:

To create your JHU Office 365 Email account:

  1. Log into myJHU: my.jh.edu
  2. You will be prompted to "Accept the Office 365 Terms of Service" in order to set up your account for use.
  3. Once the Terms of Service has been accepted you will see the "Office 365 Quick Link" on the left side of the page.
  4. Your email should now be established. It may take an hour for your "Email Alert" to be removed from your record.
  5. You can now access your email from myJHU (my.jh.edu) or via any mobile device.

Our program must send official email only to your JHU email address, so make sure your JHU email is set up so you can receive important updates on items such as class registration, billing, instructor info and other University related communications. Make sure you don't miss anything by setting it up now.


A J-card is the official student ID. It gets you access to the library, buildings on the Homewood campus (if you're ever in the area) and can be used at places like the movies for some great discounts. You apply online and JHU will mail the card to you. Click here to order your card today.

Join JHU SOE Social Media Sites to stay connected:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JHUeducation/

Twitter: @JHUEducation

Instagram: JHUEducation

LinkedIn: Johns Hopkins University School of Education

SOE In the News: http://education.jhu.edu/newsroom

Plan Ahead

Save the Date:

June 1 - Financial Aid priority deadline, for more info go to http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/financial/

June 1 - JHU Advising Support begins

July 5 - Fall registration opens

  • Fall is when your program starts and the first semester you can enroll in courses. You'll have all the details well in advance.

Month of August: Regional Meet and Greet Calls <details to come>

August 31 - Start of Fall Semester

Have a plan for financing your degree:

  • The tuition rate for all cohorts beginning in Fall 2016 is $760 per credit.
  • There is a $360 portfolio fee and a $175 graduation fee on top of your tuition.
  • If you will be earning AmeriCorps through your respective program, you may use that towards your tuition. If you have yet to earn your AmeriCorps funds you will have the option to sign an MOU. More details on this during orientation.
  • Payment plans are available, more information here.
  • Financial aid is available, more information here.

This is an overview of what to expect. It's crucial you crunch the numbers and have a plan for how you'll pay your bill each semester. Take steps now to ensure you're ready once you get started.

Look for New Student Blast #2 on May 23rd and all our best until then!

Contact Us

Our team is ready and willing to help as needed. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

TNTP students - please contact soe.tntp@jhu.edu

TFA students - please contact soe.tfa@jhu.edu