Super September!!!

So many ways to make this the best month ever!!!

September is the beginning....

Of the most wonderful selling season of the year!!! Spend time this week and book in tight for the remainder of this month as well as upcoming ones!! When I am having a booking conversation with a potential hostess I offer the current month first - don't assume it is too "late" to book a show for this month. In fact, people know exactly what is going on in their world in the next 2 weeks. Not a fit? Offer early October - people need guidance and you are just the girl to give it too them!!

Challenge Yourself Today

Sharpen your pencil and freshen up your "Who Do You Know List".

Spend an hour (or less) today calling, texting or Facebook messaging 30 potential hostesses and then check back with me. Everyone who participates, will get some Starbucks love! Why 30? Well, booking is a numbers for every 10 people you reach out to, 1 will say yes!! So 30 peeps = 3 shows. Who wouldn't want 3 more shows in their pipeline????? Need more incentive???? Jump on tonight's home office lead All Stylist Booking Blitz at 6pm ET. All who participate can submit results in a survey in the Go4 Glam Facebook page to be entered to win $50 in FREE PRODUCT CREDITS!!!! WAHOOOOOO Dial in 800.747.5150, Access code 6977091 to participate

I am here to help!

Please call or text anytime with any questions - no such thing as a stupid are not bothering me! xo,

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$500 worth of jewelry? Sign me up!!!

So easy to earn this digital coupon and such a big impact on your Holiday Biz! Simply sell $2000 cumulative from July through September and you're in Baby!!! Don't let this deal pass you by, it's like taking a match to money to do so!!!