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Summer Newsletter

"Achieving, Believing, Caring"

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L. Marchand


S. Droy

Superintendent Mississauga North

M. Lewis


Merciful Redeemer Parish


Msgr Keenan


B. Corbet

Mississauga, Wards 9 and 10

Chair - Administration and Finance Committee

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We did it! It is certainly hard to believe that this roller coaster of a school year has finally come to an end. When I look back on this past year, as easy as it would be to point out all the hardships and challenges I choose to instead look at all the growth, learning, persistence, and dedication. Our teachers and students never gave up! No matter what curve ball was thrown at them they adjusted, learned and utilized the skills necessary to succeed, and hit it out of the park. We saw engaged students working collaboratively in breakout rooms, guest speakers visit to share their expertise and bring experiential learning to their google classrooms, teachers sharing lessons across all subject areas, and we saw our community come together every single day to start the day together in prayer. I am certainly proud of the accomplishments of our staff and students, and I know that as parents you are undoubtedly proud of the tenacity and effort your children put into this year as well.

As with the ending of any school year, we have people to bid a fond farewell. We wish our graduates success as they venture to numerous different high schools in September, and to our other friends who are moving to new schools in September for other programs, or because they have moved homes, we wish you all well. We also have several staff members that we need to acknowledge at this time. To our LTO teachers, even though we knew they were only on loan to us, it is still hard to let them go! Mlle. Bzdyk, Mme. Maka, and Mr. Mac Sporran have all worked tremendously hard to support the learning of our students here at Our Lady of Mercy School. They have been contributing members of our staff and we know that they will share their many gifts and talents with whatever school community they find themselves at in September. To Ms. Golic, Mme. Guindy, and Mrs. Carreiro, who have been members of our family for some time, their new communities are so lucky to have them join their team. They will all live on through the legacy of our school's history and through the seeds they have planted in their students hearts for the love of learning.

I also want to take a moment to thank you, our parent community! As a parent myself, I know how difficult it is to support your own children's virtual learning from home while also working from home. This past year has been the best example of the importance of the home-school partnership, so thank you! Thank you for making sure your children were logged into class and could navigate the virtual environment. Thank you for ensuring that they had the necessary materials with them for their class each day, and for communicating with the teachers to ensure success. You have also earned this summer vacation!

Finally, I want to look ahead to the possibilities for September... We don't know what new challenges will be faced with, but I am confident that after conquering this year, we can meet any new obstacles and continue to succeed, the Mercy Magic way!

Please have a wonderful summer, stay safe, and we'll see you all in September!

Leslie Marchand

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Summer Blessing

Walk beside me Jesus as I begin this season of summer.

As I work, play, enjoy family time and friendships,

May I hear Your voice within me,

Guiding me toward all that is right and good.

Give me faith in Your presence,

Knowing that you walk beside me always, everywhere,

And in everything I do.

Gracious and loving Jesus,

Thank you for the gift of summertime.

May the warmth of its sun and the beauty of the season

Remind me daily of Your love for me.

Allow me to enjoy every moment.


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  • FDK: J. Cahill / T. Carreiro
  • Grade 1/2: H. Maxwell
  • Grade 3/4 C. Loiacono
  • Grade 4/5: M. Murphy
  • Grade 6/7: L. Austin
  • Grade 8: P. D'Agostino
  • Grade 5/6 FI LTO: D. MacSporran
  • Grade 6/7 FI: M. Hinterhoeller
  • Grade 8 FI: Y. Bzdyk
  • SERT/ELL: K. Box
  • SERC/LIB/PT: S. Petrucelli
  • Core French/PT LTO: C. Maka
  • Planning Time: G. Protomanni
  • ERW: A. Gluszczyk
  • CYW: P. Wilson
  • SW: U. Agarwal
  • SLP: S Haji
  • Psychologist: G. Pugliese
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Ontario Association of Parents for Catholic Education

Please see below the link to the "Parents 4 Press" resource from OAPCE.
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Although the Class of 2021 couldn't have the usual activities to celebrate this milestone, we worked hard to make them feel just as special with the festivities we could have!

We celebrated a special virtual "Journey Into Learning" Graduation Liturgy on Zoom which was shared with the Kindergarten students who are also preparing for new academic adventures in September. Together we were able to pray for their accomplishments and continued successes in school. Then, on Wednesday, June 23rd we shared the virtual Graduation Video, and finally ended our Graduation week with the distribution of diplomas and awards on Friday, June 25th.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!!

Please click on the links below to see messages from the Minister of Education for our Kindergarten and Grade 8 Graduates.

Kindergarten Message:


Grade 8 Message:


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Return of Devices

Thank you so much to all our families for the very successful return of devices and picking up of student belongings to end the school year. We will be able to have all our devices re-imaged and set-up ready for our students to use in the next school year! It was wonderful to see you all that day, despite the scorching heat, and to see how much our students had grown since we last saw them in school!

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Office Closed for the Summer

This is just a reminder that the school office will be closed for the summer. It will reopen on Monday, August 30th.


We will continue to tweet out important messages from the school board and other inspirational messages throughout the summer. Make sure you are following us @OLMCY.

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Access to Public Library Resources and Library Card Registration

Just a reminder that even though it is summer, families can still access Public Library resources with a Library Card. The Mississauga Library systems have an online library card registration in place, which can be processed at the link below:


TVO Summer Learning: Grades 1-12

TVO has a program of summer learning opportunities taking place this summer. Students in Grade 1-12 can watch engaging lessons, join a gaming challenge, connect with a tutor or access activities to get ready for the new school year. All of the TVO’s digital learning resources are free and accessible online.

To explore the TVO Summer Learning Brochure:


Community Resources

Please see the PDF below put together by the DPCDSB Special Education & Learning Services and Support Services Department. This includes resources for Special Education, Diverse Learners, and Mental Health Supports during the summer months.
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Parish Information

Please access the parish website for updates regarding Mass times, Edge Activities, and Sacraments.

For those students who had their First Holy Communion and Confirmation postponed due to Covid, these dates have been rescheduled for the end of September and beginning of October.

Confirmation at this time has been scheduled for Monday, September 20th @ 7:00 pm (Tentatively based on Covid restrictions at the time)

Communions have been rescheduled for September 26th and October 3rd.


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2021 Year-End Trustee Newsletter

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  • August 30: School Office Reopens
  • September 2: PD Day
  • September 6: Labour Day
  • September 7: First Day of School
  • September 17: PD Day