One Direction xox

The Group Autobiography

X factor 2010

They appeared on x factor in 2010 they sounded so well and i thought that they were really good and i knew they would get through to bootcamp and judges' houses from the moment I watched them i fell in love with their vocals.

They got so many fans during x factor and then they had a record with syco because Simon Cowell put them in to a band named One Direction. Their first single was What Makes You Beautiful which hit more than a thousand views on you tube.

I went to the x factor 2010 tour and fell in love even more i just knew i would love them.

Later on in the years they've been on tv lots and touring everywhere.

I went to another concert of their own but the support act was with Matt Lonsdale and i met him and i had a photo with him!

I know nearly all of their lyrics now and i am going again next year Friday 1ST March 2013 and im taking Cat Cook,Toria Ives and maybe Beth Hodder and some others probably and this time i am sitting in block 2

Auditions xox

Turn back the clock to July 2010 and auditions for the UK’s X Factor were underway. Five young boys from various parts of the UK and Ireland had entered the competition with nothing else but a passion for singing and raw talent. Their names were Niall (from Westmeath, Ireland), Zayn (from Bradford), Liam (from Wolverhampton), Harry (from Cheshire) and Louis (from Doncaster) and they had all entered as solo artists.

Why Are They So Famous?

I think that they are really famous because they are like 5 justin bieber's and i like Justin Bieber.

Becuause every member of One Direction was formerly known from being a smash hi on the X-Factor. Simon Cowell made them form a group in order for all of them to stay on the show (that's how good he thought they were) and quickly they got a large fan base. I thought they were all very talented from the beginning and, yes, they are a little too skinny but I still find them attractive as most teen girls do. Mainly though, their fan base shot through the roof when they released their song What Makes You Beautiful.. Their stardom has reached the U.S and now, as you know.

I'm glad they're famous and all, but it annoys me how people have jumped on the band wagon of "loving them" because they heard one song of theirs. I found them like months ago from watching a music video of The Wanted. I immediatly loved the video for One Thing and showed it to some friends at school and then bamb! everyone else at the school loved them too. -_- Then What Makes You Beautiful came out and that happened all over the country.They have had an amazing 2 years and its still not over xxxxx

One Direction Quiz

1) Who thought of the name 'One Direction'?

2) How many members are there in the band?

3) match the girlfriends Louis with

Liam with

4)when is Louis Tomlinson's birthday?

5) Does Harry Styles Flirt?

6) How old is Liam Payne ?

7)is it true or false that liam is afraid of spoons?

8) Do they all wear chinos?

Videos of their songs and memories xox

here are some videos of 3 songs that are really good and live while were young is their new single
One Direction - Funny Moments
Live While We're Young - One Direction (lyrics)
One Direction - Wonderwall + I'm Yours (Covers)