Summer 2016 Online & Hybrid Courses

Registration for Online & Hybrid Courses will be open to true distance students (living 120+ miles from campus) starting March 28th. On May 6th, it will open up to the local student population. The Summer term for DL courses will run from May 30 - August 7. Please contact the Distance Learning office if you have any questions!

Online Courses

Graduate & Crosslisted Undergraduate:

Hermeneutics (BTI5100) -- Jacob Pratt

Christian Theology III (THE6130/3130) -- Steve McKinion

The Southern Baptist Convention (HIS6811/2611) -- Brent Aucoin (SBC mtg. June 14-15)

Evangelism (EVA5100) -- Rob Pochek

Church History I (HIS5110) -- Stephen Eccher

Church History II (HIS5120) -- Stephen Eccher

Baptist History (HIS5130) -- Justin Clark*

Intro to Theological German (GEN9310) -- Tracy McKenzie

Intro to Theological French (GEN9330) -- Fred Williams

Old Testament I (OTS5110) -- Jerry Lassetter*

Old Testament II (OTS5120) -- Benjamin Davis*

Intro to Christian Theology (THE6100) - Benjamin Quinn

Undergraduate Only:

Evangelism (EVA1100) -- John Ewart

* indicates a PhD Teaching Fellow

Hybrid Courses

June 3-4

Evangelism (EVA5100) -- Alvin Reid

Baptist History (HIS5130) -- Matt James*

July 8-9

Old Testament II (OTS5120) -- Benjamin Davis*

July 15-16

Old Testament I (OTS5110) -- Chris Hlavachek*

July 22-23

Ministry of Worship (PMN6540/MIN3540) -- Joshua Waggener

Christian Theology III (THE6130/THE3130) -- Keith Whitfield

* indicates a PhD Teaching Fellow