By Jazmine Hambrick

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One day before Pompeii happened the people were celebrating the roman god of fire.

The Day

In the eighth century B.C. in the forgotten city a tragedy happened all of the people of Pompeii got buried alive! Sadly the people of Pompeii are lifeless.

The Secret

The people of pompeii did not know that Mount Vesuvius was a volcano. They also didn't know how powerful it was. last they didn't know hadn't erupted in one thousand eight hundred years.


The people of Pompeii thought that the volcano was a mountain. In fact the word volcano wasn't invented yet. When the “Mountain” was erupting some people thought that the volcanic rock was pebbles. Also the people thought the gods were killing them all.

A long Demolish

Pompeii took three days one day it erupted two day the hot ash and lava cooled. After the fourth day the people were gone forever. (sounds impossible right?)

The Ruins

Now Pompeii is visited to more than 3.4 million people per year.Now the town is a ghost town basically.
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Now my parents know more and, now I know more about the tragedy of Pompeii.