Industrial Revolution

5th Grade Inventors & Inventions Research Project

Second Industrial Revolution (1870-1920)

The Industrial Revolution in America was furthered by new inventions and technologies, including new methods of mass production and transportation and the invention of the light bulb, the telegraph, and the telephone.

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Biography in Context

Find pictures, encyclopedia articles, and magazine articles about different inventors. Search the Inventors section or use the search bar on the home page.

World Book

Log in to World Book Encyclopedia and search the STUDENT version or browse the Inventors section.

Britannica School

Search for inventors or inventions in the search bar on the home page. Find more information by changing levels above your search results

Kids InfoBits

Find pictures and magazine articles about inventors. Search for them using the search bar on the home page.

US History Scene

US History Scene has great information on the Second Industrial Revolution and also includes maps, videos, and pictures.

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