Digital Citizen Project

Jazmine W Period 6

Rule #1: digital etiquette

Being kind and stop and think before you post: this means that you also have to ask, think, pause, and follow the rules of etiquette and before you post anything online. the internet is definitely NOT private.

Rule #2: information privacy

Don't share personal information to any one: this means your usernames, passwords, student i.d's,credit cards, and even information about you.

Rule #3: Social Networking

Social networking is based having permission to go on the internet,being careful on what you post and don't post any personal information on social media.

Rule #4: Online Safety

keep your identity a secret, be careful with strangers, tell some one, be kind. those are all of the things to keep in mind when you are on social media.

Rule #5: Cyberbullying

People who are bullies or rude on the internet : There are many people on the internet that are cyberbullies.

Rule #6: Plagiarism

when you claim/copy something that is not yours: When something is copied off of some one or made by that person and is claimed by some one else.

Rule #7: Copyright

when a person makes some thing the have full ownership of it. the reason i say this is because when a person makes a video, movie, book, drawing, etc. they have full rights.
Digital Citizenship is copyright, plagiarism, cyber-bullying, online safety, information privacy, social networking, and digital is important to know what digital citizenship is because in the future you don't know what this is you won't understand how to handle copyright or plagiarism. digital citizenship is used to help find out what to do on the internet. Also digital citizenship is information that helps you learn what you need to do in life and on the internet to be safe, careful, and have online safety.