Peru information

What does Peru's people speak and why do they speak that language.

Spanish became Peru's offical language soon after the spanish conguest and remained the only offical language for several hundred years.In 1925 the peruvian goverment made Quechua,the language of the Inca,an offical language along with spanish.

How did Peru become a country?

Peru declares it's independence from spain under the leadership of general Josedesan Martain.General simon Bolivarhelps Peru win full indepedence.

What is Peru's top export and why?

Peru's top export is ,copper the second is gold, the third is lead finally the last one is zinc because peru has a good mining community by erosion and the ground in it of the minerals
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What kind of land forms do Peru have and how were they formed.

Peru has 3 main land forms.1 the coast along the pacific ocean.2 the high lands,the highest parts of the Peruvian Andes. 3 the Selva,a region of forest and jungles.Earthquakes appear frequintly in highlands,and there affects extend to the coast.