Edgar Allan Poe

Elliot Thomas Wiley

Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was the author of famous stories such as "The Raven,"and "The Fall of the House Usher." He is considered the father of the modern detective story and an innovator of the science fiction genre.

What was his Childhood like?

His father was an alcoholic and left while Edgar was an infant. His mother died of tuberculosis when he was two years old. He was later taken in by John and Frances Allan. Frances, his step-mother, died of tuberculosis, the same sickness that his real mother died from. Edgar later fell in love with his cousin, Virginia, who was about thirteen years old at the time, and secretly became engaged to her.

How Big a Part of his Life was Filled with Sickness and Death?

As mentioned before, his mother died of tuberculosis when Edgar was only two years old. Later, his mentioned step-mother died of the same disease. Even farther into Poe's life,Virginia, to who he was officially married to, also died of tuberculosis.

When did he Publish his First Written Work?

Poe published his first written work in 1827, a book, called "Tamerlane and other Poems"

What was his Most Significant Work?

The most significant and most memorable work of Edgar Allan Poe was his narrative poem, "The Raven."

What Themes from his Life are Evident in his Works?

It is obvious that the death and suffering Poe was surrounded with throughout his life carried over into his writing. This can be proven by the fact that almost if not all of his writing is classified in the Horror genre.

Why was his Death such a Mystery?

The exact cause of Edgar Allan Poe's death remains a mystery to this day. It is said that he disappeared to baltimore for five days, only to be finally found unconscious in a bar room of a public house being used for an election. He later passed away.

What was Edgar Allan Poe's Impact or Influence on the World?

Edgar Allan Poe is seen as the inventor of the modern detective story, and set the bar for current horror and science fiction stories. Even today, authors and directors look to his work for inspiration.

What Genre do Poe's Stories fall into?

Poe's stories fall into the Horror genre.

Why I Think Poe Wrote the Types of Stories that he did.

I think that Poe wrote the types of stories that he did because of how he was surrounded by death his whole life. I think this made such a big impact on him ever since he was a little boy, and that it is inevitable for one's personal experiences to carry over into how they express themselves (in writing, for example). I think that writing these stories was Poe's method of venting his emotions brought on by his past experiences.