Independent Novel

Run For Your Life: James Patterson


A murderer that calls himself the Teacher is in New York City, killing the powerful and the dumb. Everyone is his potential student. For some, it seems that the rich are finally getting what they deserve. For New York's police force, it is a call to terror.There is one man in the NYPD who can tackle such a hard case, Detective Michael Bennett. As the frenzy escalates, all of Mike's children get sick to a terrible flu bug–almost as challenging an assignment for Bennett. The climax is when he finds himself a target to the man. There was no resolution because he did not catch the teacher.

Least and Favorite Part

Favorite: When the killer turned it into a personal matter with Bennett. I like this because It adds suspense to the book.

Least: I did not like some of the dramatic parts, I wish that there was more action.

Best and Worst Characters

Best: Michael Bennett because some of the things he had to overcome and deal with to try and find the killer.

Worst: I do not have a worst because I like both characters but I enjoy Bennett more then the Teacher.


The theme of the book is perseverance because he had to overcome so many hard battles with his kid and other random stuff.

Quotes: “You know the pop is coming, but damn if it don't always surprise you.”

“He was the Teacher, the world was his students, and class was about to begin.”