Make Room For a Queen

A Victoria life By: Katie

Young Life

Queen Victoria was born may 24, 1819 London, England in the Kesing palace. She had a large education. she was taught to walk up and down the stairs properly, though she already knew how. She also taught to give a proper speech as a queen. She was also taught the basics. And the prinsessly stuff. She taught her kids (even her daughters) everything she knew. I say " everything she knows" because not many girls have educations. She played with her dolls and such. Also she liked to take carriage rides with her grandmother.

Family and hobbies

Her father, the king, died when Victoria was 18 months old. Her mother died in 1857. Her uncle died when she was 18 and that is why she was queen. One of her kids, Alice, died at age 35. Alfred, another one of her kids, died at 55. Another kid, Lepole, died at age 30. Her oldest son, Bertie, got married and became king. The other five kids' names were, Vikkey, Beatrice, Helena, Arthur, and Louise. Victoria's husband "invented" the Christmas tree. Victoria likes renting houses and being as Normal family as possible.

Later years

Victoria was a queen. She had many accomplishments. She got her own era! She had became a queen at age 18 witch is young for a queen. She smartly strayed from her mothers orders. She made her own museum. She became grandmother of Europe. She also got the white wedding dress popularized. She got married to Prince Albert. She successfully had 9 kids. She had a very large British empire. She died January 22, 1901.

Life Timeline

*Victoria was born May 24, 1819

* She was declared queen June 20, 1837, at age 18

* She was officially crowned queen in 1838

* The queen gets married to Prince Albert 1840, February 10

* The first kid, Bertie, is born November 9, 1841

* The last kid is born April 14, 1857

* Albert dies December 14, 1857, because of this, the queen wears only black

* Victoria celebrates her golden jubilee (50 years as queen) for 2 days

* The queen celebrates her diamond jubilee (60 years years as queen) for 2 weeks

* Queen Victoria dies January 2, 1901


Who was Queen Victoria, by, Jim Gigliotti copyright, 2014

Queen Victoria 12/1/15

Queen Victoria 12/1/15