The Friday Feature!

News and Notes for the Madison Staff (2/12/16)

Tuesday's Benchmarking Schedule

We will be analyzing mid-year local assessment data together. We'll start with the great overall growth demonstrated on grade level reading and math assessments. Then we will dig deeper to find groups of students that require further work on individual standards using our district's new Scantron Analytics website.


9:00-9:45 Third Grade

10:15-11:00 Kindergarten

11:00-11:45 Fourth Grade

1:00-1:45 Second Grade

2:00-2:45 Fifth Grade

3:00-3:45 First Grade

PARCC Assessments

PARCC assessments are only administered once this year. Our Madison testing window will be from April 11-21.

State Science Testing

EVERYONE Please sign up for observations in writing and math talk

Click on the link to sign up. The document has a short description for what we are looking for. Everyone should sign-up for writing instruction mini-lesson and math talk:
Big image

Madison Mountain Lion Memories

I believe we have an opportunity and responsibility to tell the world about the positive stories occurring at our great school! In 2016, everyone has an opportunity to publish stories about our school. Some are positive, some not. Some true, some not! We can outweigh any negative talk with our great stories!

Our school blog is up and running! Now we need writers! Writers can be staff, students, parents, etc. Rules for writers are written on the blog site under "How To Share My Madison Memory".

Each classroom that gets 3 writers to submit a story by March 1 will be entered in a raffle to receive $25 in school supply money! There will be a winner chosen for every 3 classrooms entered in drawing.

Changes to Bus Route 2 and 4

We are moving a couple stops from bus Route 4 over to bus Route 2. Bus 4 takes almost three times as long to complete as Route 2. These changes will ease that and even the length of the two routes. They will now be equal in duration. Kathy will send a list of the small number of students that are moving from 4 to 2.


Mon, Feb 15: No School

Tue, Feb 16: Benchmarking Meetings

Wed, Feb 17: Shift Day *Monday*

Wed, Feb 17: 8:30AM Staff Meeting (What is MTSS?)

Wed, Feb 17: Coin Recipient Lists Due Date

Wed, Feb 17: 7PM Monroe FINAL Community Engagement Session

Thu, Feb 18: 12PM PTA Meeting

Fri, Feb 19: 2-3PM Jan and Feb birthday books

Wed, Feb 24: 8:30AM MIT Meeting

Tue, Mar 1: Shift Day *Friday*

Tue, Mar 1: 2:40PM Coin Assembly *DATE CHANGE*

Wed, Mar 2: 8:30AM Staff Meeting (FIT)

Wed, Mar 2: 7PM Kindergarten Round-up

Thu, Mar 3: 1:30PM K-2 Reading Incentive Assembly

Thu, Mar 3: 2:30PM 3-5 Reading Incentive Assembly

Fri, Mar 4: Institute Day at Hubble Middle School - Science

Fri, Mar 11: Report Cards Go Home

Mon, Apr 11: PARCC Begins