Teen Guide to Smart Dating

By: Kayla Lorentz and April Esser

Relationship advice

Some advice on healthy relationships is...

  • Be respectful to your partner. If you respect them, they will respect you most likely.
  • Be supportive. You need to encourage your partner.
  • Speak up. Tell your partner if something is bothering you.

Benefits to Abstinence-

  • not getting pregnant at an early age
  • not getting an STD/HIV
  • no regrets

Avoiding unplanned sexual activity

3 situations to avoid that will help prevent unplanned sexual activity are...

  • A party with alcohol or drugs involved
  • Being alone with the person without a parent around

Someone can report sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and child abuse

Go to someone that you can trust

Consequences of early sexual activity

3 consequences for early sexual activity are...

  • You could get pregnant
  • You could get an STD
  • Regret

Characteristics of a healthy relationships and unhealthy romantic relationships

3 characteristics of healthy relationships are...

  • Trust
  • Things in common
  • Caring to each other

Non healthy...

  • Fighting
  • Hate
  • Cheating

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STDs: Teen Sexual Health

Setting boundaries

  • You know what your partner is and is not willing to do

Ways to show affection

  • Putting arm around each other
  • Kissing each other on the cheek
  • Holding hands

Refusal and pressure lines

P: Come on, everyone is doing it

R: No they are not, only 16% of teens have sex by the age of 15

P: Well everyone that I know is doing it

R: Well everyone that I know is not


What we learned...

  • That only 16% of teens have sex at the age of 15
  • That you could get an STD or HIV
  • You could get pregnant at an early age