Potty Training

Signs of Readiness

What is the child saying?

- is coordinated enough to walk steadily

-urinates a far amount at a time

-has regular well formed bowel movements

- has dry periods for about 2 hours

-can sit quietly in one position for 2-5 minutes

-can pull pants up and down

-dislikes the feeling of wearing a dirty diaper

Parental Reasoning

Parents are changing diapers, once a child learns to use the restroom alone this gives parents a break, a well deserved break.

Optimal time

The optimal age for your child to start potty training is between ages 18 months and 3 years.

Why is muscle control important?

In order for a child to begin using the restroom on their own they must be able to control when they go. When they get the urge to go they need to be able to realize this and have the ability to hold it until they get to the potty.

Is self dressing important?

Self dressing is very important your child needs to be able to take off their pants so that they do not have an accident on themselves, as well as pulling their pants up to that they are not running around with no pants on.

Which comes first?

When your child is learning to use the potty bowel training comes before bladder training, bladder soon follows