Phishing is Dangerous!

by Nidhi Soman

What is Phishing?

Well first off, phishing is a person's way of stealing information. These type of people want a numerous amount of information from you such as your email, finding your bank information, buying items from your credit cards, finding your password, and your social security number. They are thieves and hackers who are phishing for information about you.

How To Prevent Someone From Phishing Off Of You

How To Know If You Got A Phisher

There are so many phishing cases around the world. But you can stop it from happening to you. Here are some tips-

- if the email isn't directly saying your name or if it says dear customer you know that it is fake

- if there is a link and you hover over you can see on the bottom if the link they say in the email is real or not

- if there are any spelling or grammar errors it is fake