Social Media

The bane and success of many lives

Social media in the eyes of a 6th grader

Most sixth graders at my school are aware of the many, many, many social media sites. Not all of them, however, are ''pro-social media'', while many of the sixth graders do have some sort of social media (Instagram, Facebook, youtube accounts, etc.) but others that don't are also ''pro-social media''.

pros: and only pros

Communicating with others

You can lie about your ''lyfe'' to make yourself sound more interesting ;D...

which one is right for you

Choosing the right social media is a lot like adopting in the sense that you will have it for ever and all of your time will be spent with it and that is ALL you will talk about. You might want the one that most resembles you, if you want people to here you sing you should probably get a vine, or if you want brag about your amassing abs or food that you got in india; get insta.
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emojis and ''abrivs''

Abbreviations or abrivs will become an important part of your lyfe and not just on social media but in your daily lyfe you might say a sentence like this;

-OMG Starbucks is ligit my lyf like serius.

You will also learn about the meaningless importance of emojis. You know those little faces or animals or what ever, that you just have to put because just because you said ''I'm so borrrrreddddd'' it just isn't right with out those little faces and cows

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