The Interrupters

English 3

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Who are the interrupters

Members of the activist group CeaseFire work to curb violence in their Chicago neighborhoods by intervening in street fights and showing youths a better way to resolve conflicts

The purpose of the film

the purpose of the film was to help people be aware of the violence there is in the city of Chicago and to help change they ways of people lives & the bad life style people tend to lead themselves into.the members of the activist Group, themselves have each been in drastic situations where their own lives have lead into a bad lifestyle and are making a change for themselves and now they want to help prevent people from causing violence or experience what they once did.


the film was to motivate & encouraged people do do better and change certain bad lifestyles. The film was successful in showing minor changes in some of the peoples lives

example 1

Ameena helped a variety of people in the documentary, for example Ameena was very supportive to the mother of of the teenage boy who was beat to death during a street fight. Ameena made made very important speeches as to why violence needed to be stopped & how all families were affected by it. Ameena also helped a young girl named Kaprisha get her life together and help her change her ways, kaprisha was used to rebelling to school rules and life rules as well, she used violence to solve her problems. Ameena encouraged kaprisha to follow up with school and to stop the violence, Kaprisha was stubborn and did not listen but shortly after Kaprish herself went back to school and started working on herself

example 2

Cobe Williams also helped a variety of different people. one of the people who Cobe helped was 'Lil mike'. Mike contributed to a robbery at a barber shop and was arrested and was in prison for many years, after Mike was out of prison mike had a mind set to better himself and Cobe guided him to a start and that was to personally confront himself and apologize to the people he committed the robbery at, after that Cobe gave speeches to Mike about how important it was for him to Change his ways and become a better person because he was an influence to his siblings

example 3

Eddie bocanegra focus was to prevent further violence in peoples lives, Eddie helped various people to express personal problems and issues in their lives. one of the people that Eddie helped was Vanessa who watched her 15-year-old brother Miguel die in her arms after he was shot in the head. Eddie helped Vanessa and her family to cope with their lives and encouraged Vanessa to stay strong. Eddie not only helped Vanessa and her family but also helped young kids at schools express their problems and give speeches to prevent violence in their lives.


The Film was successful in showing the encouragement and motivation the members of the activist group gave to the various people that they helped out. The film showed many different peoples lifestyles and what they all have been through. the film could have been better if the documentary focused on fewer people and showed more eac h persons life so that the audience could be more effected and identify the changes these people were doing for themselves

Who are they now