my life at home

you will know my schedule and what i do during the day

my sister

My sisters name is alana either though we have diffrent dads we look alike and she is alot of fun and i love her.She can sometimes be a little meany but we all know that it is for attention and she needs that alot.This topic was about my sister i hope you injoyed it.

My school

Monday, May 6th 2013 at 6pm

2977 Harris Pike

Independence, KY

My school is whites tower elementry and it is a great school with alot of fun activities and the staff teachers and principal are really nice i hope you get to go there one day.


My schedule is to wake up at 6:00 eat breakfeast find something to wear wich trust me it takes a long time.Then i watch tv and snuggle with my cat untill you are gonna freak out 8:15. I think it sounds crazy but i take a long time getting ready. then i go to school for 8 hours i come back do my chores go outside come back in eat a snack.Go back outside come in when my mom calls eat dinner then i take a shower brush my teeth put on my pajamas and go to bed then it starts over.