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Our Current Adventure Elective: Roaring Laughter!

Rationale for Adventure:

  • Laughing provides many health benefits. It also enhances teamwork and improves alertness, creativity, and memory. In this adventure, Bear Scouts will share laughter with others, strengthening their bond with family members and the den.

Takeaways for Cub Scouts in this Adventure:

  • Health benefits of laughter (releasing stress, relaxing muscles, boosting immune system, easing anxiety and fear)
  • Learning social skills and how to diffuse conflict in a group.
  • Practicing respect for others, being courteous, and following directions.
  • A Scout is cheerful.

Adventure Requirements:
  • Think about what makes you laugh. Write down three things that make you laugh.
  • Practice reading tongue twisters.
  • Create your own short story. Remove some nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs from the story, leaving blanks. Without telling the story, have a friend insert his own nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the story you created!
  • With a partner, play a game that makes you laugh.
  • Share a few jokes with a couple of friends to make them laugh.
  • Practice at least two run-ons with your den and perform them at a pack meeting or campfire program.

This adventure starts on page 231 in your Scout's handbook.

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High Priority (needs to be completed before the next meeting):

  • Remember to research one extinct and one endangered animal! You can find more information and resources in pages 78-80 of your Bear Handbook. We will be presenting our animal projects at our next Den Meeting on February 15th.
  • Less than 2 weeks before our Blue and Gold! Please check CubTrails to ensure your Scout is up to date with his awards!

Medium Priority (needs to be completed ASAP):
  • Read through the exercises in the Adult Guide in the front of your Scout's book and update CubTrails that you and your Scout have discussed this booklet in the drop down menu under Bear Rank.
  • Each Scout needs to complete their Cyber Chip Requirements @: then update CubTrails in the drop down menu under Bear Rank.
  • Parents: Please complete the Youth Protection Training at: Just create an account and complete YPT Training online. It is free of cost, and once complete, it is valid for 2 years. Thank you!

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Bears Attack at the Pinewood Derby!!


There was a Bear Attack reported at Grace Presbyterian Church at the Pinewood Derby on Saturday, February 13th!!! It is reported that a Giant Bear Cub named Hayden Plowman devoured the Grand Finals First Place Trophy and the Bears Den First Place trophy!!


Another Bear cub named Tristan Arens destroyed the Bear Den Second place trophy, and a third named Joshua Kohlrust stole the Bear Den Third Place trophy!


Kasen Moon mangled the trophy for Pack's Choice! And the remaining Bears- Nabil Hader, Charles Arsenault, Hudson Sbriglia, William Cruz, and William Stennett all put up a great fight!!


"I couldn't be more proud of my Bear Cubs!! They put up a great fight, were supportive of each other, and gave it their all!"

Mark Your Calendars: Spring Family Camp Out 2016!

Due to a low availability of campsites at Dinosaur Valley State Park, our camp out has been moved to Fort Richardson State Park, in Jacksboro on April 8th-9th, 2016. We are super excited about the Civil War Reenactment going on that weekend!

For general State Park info please click here:

All of the details are still very tentative, so keep your eyes open for more info soon!

Announcements and Important Dates from the Pack Meeting (Jan. 18th, 2016)

  • Blue and Gold Banquet is February 27th at First United Methodist Church.
  • Webelos Woods is March 4th-6th at Worth Ranch.
  • Next Pack Meeting is March 21st at Grace Presbyterian Church at 6:30.
  • District Pinewood Derby is in Granbury on March 26th at Classic Chevrolet Dealership. Registration is at 1:30.

Upcoming Events:

Roaring Laughter-Meeting 1

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 6:30pm

606 Mockingbird Lane

Weatherford, TX

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 5pm

301 South Main Street

Weatherford, TX

Please bring your favorite main dish! Some ideas include casseroles, or easy to make and travel dishes.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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