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Hemlock & K.C. Ling Elementary Newsletter

The Week of January 27th-31st

Peek at the Week

Monday, January 27th

Tuesday, January 28th

Lego League - 2:45 - 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, January 29th

Donuts with Don Community Meeting - 9:00 a.m. @ Board Office

Lego League - 2:45 - 4:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 30th

Friday, January 31st

Popcorn Sale for Mrs. Schmidt's Class - Regular $0.50 or White Cheddar $1.00

Math Month Dress Up Day - Class Color Day

Math Month Assembly

Drop-Off Procedures

Just a reminder, please make sure students are being escorted up to the sidewalk by a parent or adult if you are not utilizing the drop-off lane in the morning. There are too many cars pulling in and out during that time to allow students to walk up on their own. We appreciate your help as we continue to make safety our top priority!

January is Math Month!

Hemlock and Ling Elementaries are proud to announce that this January, we will be participating in our FIFTH ANNUAL SCHOOL-WIDE MATH MONTH!

Math Month kicked off today! Teachers explained the upcoming events and importance of Math Month to their students, and introduced students to a school-wide math challenge as well. Each grade level will be practicing their math challenge all month long and grade level teams will be competing for the title of Hemlock’s Math MVPs! This year’s theme is “Are you Ready for Some Mathball? *with a Math Bowl at the end of the month. Throughout the month of January, students will be encouraged to practice their math skills at home and during their free time. Students will also be encouraged to recognize why math is important in all jobs and we will be sharing/displaying their findings to the rest of the school!

Pump up your child for Math Month and talk to them about why math is important in your everyday activities!

Upcoming fun activities/events this month to promote math:

  • Friday, Jan. 31st: Grade levels will decide on a grade-level color to wear!

  • Friday, Jan. 31st: Math Month Assembly

Congratulations to our Math Problem of the Week Winners!

Family STEAM Night Survey

Happy Birthday!

1/28 Oden Mehl, Taylen Mehl, Ella Thom, Calvin Eaton

1/30 Klay Smith

1/31 Oliver Revell

2/1 Parker Kazmierski

2/2 Rusty Moore, Harper Wendling