Golden State

basic facts

I am going to tell you some basic facts about California. First, the capital of California is Sacramento.Next, California is in the west region of the United States. Also, California borders the Pacific ocean. Then, the nickname of California is the golden State. After that, the State tree is the California Redwood these trees are about 300 feet tall. Further more, the state flower is the California poppy. Finally, the state animal of California is The California grizzly bear. Those were some basic facts about California.
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landforms is California

I will tell you some important landforms in California. First, a landform is a feature made by the land like mountains. Next, some landforms in California are the Klamath mountains. Then, Death Valley is also a landform in California that is one of the lowest place in California. Death Valley is about 282 feet below sea level. Also, the Pacific ocean is one of the most important landforms because for fishing jobs. Another fact is, the Mojave dessert with hot tempatures. Finally, Redwood forest are a important landform for California because it is good for logging jobs also redwood trees are one of the biggest trees ever. It is about 300 feet tall. Those were some landforms in California.
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Natural resources in California

These are some important natural resources for California. First, some natural resources in California are water that is one of the most important resource because of how hot it is. Next, oil is important because for cars. Then, fish is a important resource for food and some jobs. Finally, wood is important for making fires and for some jobs.Those were some important resources for California.
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industries in California

First, some important jobs are making electronics California is known for making electronics. Next, California is known for making skate boards. Then, fishing jobs are also important because you can sell fish for food and make money. Finally, logging jobs are important to make money and to sell wood. Those were some important industries for California.
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how humans changed California

Humans have made things to make it more suitable to live here. First, highways have made it more nicer to live here. Next, people make houses to live in, to make it more nicer to live here. Then, the famous Golden Gate Bridge made it more suitable to live their. Finally, technology that has probably made the population grow a lot. Those were some ways people changed California.
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The San Francisco earthquake

I will tell you some facts about the San Francisco earthquake. First, lots of earthquakes happen in California because it is on a fault line The San Andreas fault line. Next, the San Francisco earthquake was a magnitude 7.8 so that means it was a very powerful storm. The higher the magnitude the stronger the storm is. Then, the earthquake destroyed everything but the massive fire after the earthquake destroyed pretty much everything. Finally, their was about 3,000 deaths in the earthquake.
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