Knightly News

Week of October 11th


Creating and maintaining a Culture of Excellence!!

E-Epitomize integrity

X-eXpress Respect

C-Commit to Learn

E-Exercise responsibility

L-Lead with Courage

6th grade Space Unit

Check in with your 6th graders about their new unit in Language Arts where they are researching and learning about Space. The teachers have done a phenomenal job of setting the stage to make the learning come to life. Your child is learning about gathering information from non fiction texts and comparing information from different sources. There is some great work products that will come out of learning in this unit please ask your child what they are learning.


One of the best ways to keep our schools safe is through See Something, Say Something. This means that we all should observe our environment and develop awareness of our surroundings. When we see suspicious activity, something that seems out of place, or hear someone make threats to harm another person, we say something. Even if we are not certain, we trust our instincts and make a report to the trusted adults in the building. Please share with your child the importance of being a leader and not a follower. We are creating a culture of excellence where respect is the norm. Respect is shown through our actions so ensure your child is aware that the norms of SGMS EXCEL will ground them in the traits to be the leader that is within them.

SGMS Parent Teacher Organization--Examples of Leaders partnering for SGMS--WE NEED YOU!!

We are excited and interested in starting a parent teacher organization (PTO). This organization gives parents and teachers the opportunity to work together to enhance and supplement the educational experiences of all teacher, students, and their families at SGMS. PTOs can be a massive resource to schools in terms of communication, fundraising, and achieving curricular goals schoolwide. Ms. Yakout, parent and 6th grade teacher is interested in spearheading this initiative. We have great families at SGMS and want to partner with you to continue moving us forward.

Please fill out the link below if you would be interested in learning more or volunteering to be a part. Stay tuned for a virtual info meeting to be held in the near future.


Girls Soccer and Boys Volleyball:

Monday @ Western 4:45 pm

Thursday @ Swann 5:00 pm


Wednesday @ SGHS vs Ferndale 5:00 pm

Please come out and support our athletes and coaches


Our administrative team is available to assist with any and all SGMS questions or concerns. You may reach us at 336-674-4266 or by email. We love your partnership please reach out if you have suggestions or shout outs for our amazing staff.

Tracy Roof, (meeting/conference students with last names P-Z)

Lorie Rainey, Assistant (meeting/conference students with last names G-O)

James Moore, Assistant (meeting/conference students with last names A-F)

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