The Great Depression

Kristen Ames


The Great Depression was caused by the stock market crashing. It happended in 1929 and lasted till 1945. A quater of the american workers were poor and unemployed! Also races started to become a problem because the white workers demanded that the blacks lose their jobs before them. The Great Dpression finally came to a end when Roosevelt came up with a program that to help support the people, the pogram provided jobs.

Big Events

On October 29 1929 the stock market crashed.

On March 1930 there was more than 3.2 milion people unemployed.

On May 1933 FDR made the Federial Emergency Relief Administration.

A Key Person

Franklin D. Roosvelt also known has FDR became the president in 1932 and served a four year term. Into the first few days of being in office FDR started a program to help people out of depression. The program he made was to regulate the ecomony and called the New Deal. He also kept America out of the World War II for a good amount of time. Lastly in the war he provided aid to other countries and he came up with the United Nations to slove internation problem.