Texas Annexation to United States

Will we annex or not

Texas president Sam Houston is debating if Texas will Annex to the United States

United States Does not want Texas here are some reasons

United States Does not want Texas here are some reasons
1.North did not want to add another slave state to the Union
2.United States was Afraid annexation would lead to war with Mexico

Here are some reasons why Texas Wanted to annex to the United States

1.Texas wanted there debt paid
2.Texas wanted the U.S. to protect them
3.Texas wanted the U.S. Postal system
4 Texas also wanted the U.S. money system

Treaty of April 1844

The Treaty of April 1844 would make Texas territory of the U.S but the U.S. Senate rejected it because the north did not want another slave state. It did not pass to annex 2/3 majority poor Texas did not get to annex.

Treaty and Joint Resolution

A treaty needs all people to vote yes only one no can make it fail.
A Joint Resolution needs one more than the other side to win.

The Joint Resolution THAT WON

A Formal ruling that passes through the 2 houses in the U.S. Congress. This one is much easier to win it only takes a simple majority. Texas Overwhelmingly Won and got to go forth with annexation to the United States.

Poor Mexico

But before Texas annexed to the United States Mexico would refuse to recognize Texas as a Republic. but Right before Texas as about to annex Mexico said okay we will recognize you as a Republic but only if you don't annex. But to bad for Mexico, Texas still annexed to the United States.