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   As to the beginning of badminton, there are a lot of stories. One saying that it started in Japan, the other says that it started from India. But one thing is for sure, which is that badminton was started in the U.K., in about 1800, which was developed from tennis. You may discover that there are a lot of similarities between the two. In the year of 1870, a sort of ball made of feather and wood as well as a bat woven with strings were invented. Ever since 1873, the sport of badminton become more and more prosperous, when the field was a gourd like, with two wider spaces at both ends and a narrow stretch of land in the middle where a net was set up. This gourd-like field was changed to a square shape in 1901.

My favourite athlete

LinDan.He is the one of best badminton players in the world.When he won a champion every time,he would give a wonderful permorfance.He is a diligent player,when he gets trainning,he will do his best!


There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as swimming, running. However, the sport that I like most is bad-minton. When I was in junior high, I started to play it in school. At that time, I found I had loved deeply this sport. Now, I would like to watch bad-minton games as much as I can. The bad-minton games have given me the most wonderful time in my life.