A New Species of Animal is Found!

Scientist call it a "Banshee"


This last weekend while in the Amazon forest, scientists Donald Donaldson made a new discovery. While in a helicopter ride to go into uncharted area's of the forest he found what he calls a "Banshee". The beast is like a Pterodactyl. It has no feathers, and the skin color varies from blue, teal, green, and purple. The Banshee breaths out of gill like nostrils on the sides below it's neck so it is easier to breathe while in flight. The banshee's body consist's of four wings, four legs, a tail, and four eyes, and some gill like nostrils.


After Donald took a specimen, he closely examined and found out it is related to a pterodactyl. They have same characteristics, but yet the banshee has adapted to a different environment so it has different adaptions. Such as the claws, extra wings, tail, and different breathing apparatus.