Smith Elementary Starlight Express

Monthly Memo

University Partnership

Congratulations to Mr. Miller, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. Kellen for their recent work with university students and professors and the presentation of their recent research about the benefits of providing choice and voice to students.

Dr. Flemming and so will be on campus next week and will be available to work with teams during their extended planning and design times.

Learners who are involved in cohort A with UNT's (M.Ed.) program will be briefly touching base during a Tweet Chat on 10/10 at 6PM. #MJSlearn

Next Tuesday and Wednesday our undergrad partners will be visiting during Shine time to provide additional support and gain experience while working with some of the best educators! Thank you for welcoming and sharing your learning with these students.

Those of us who are interested in working with Dr. Barnes and Dr. Laughlin next semester, should make a note that the deadline for research proposals is coming soon! Proposals will be accepted until December 16 at 3:30. In order to provide support as you write your proposals, all of the lead learners are available to meet with you or your team and help you with this process. Please email to text them to set up a time to collaborate.

Sister School Update

Next week we also have the opportunity to work with our sister school teachers from Park Place via Skype and Google Docs.

Teams have been working on various learning scenarios for students and creating opportunities for our English Language Learners to have additional language support while creating their learning goals.

Our Park Place school teachers, Mrs. Zhao (5th grade), Mr. Alvarado (3rd grade), and Mrs. Little (1st grade) have expressed a desire to have a conversation about best practices and practical application of ELL strategies during the design process. They would like to collaborate and share ideas and perhaps set up several shared learning experiences between Park Place students and our Smith Stars.

Begin thinking about how you and your team would best like to use your collaboration time with our friends from Park Place.

Growth Mindset

Thank you for all you do each day for our special students. How fortunate they are to be working with some of the most dedicated professionals in the field of education.

Each day you come to school ready to learn and to share your learning experiences with students, and with each other. Each day we are coming together as a team and supporting one another as we engage in this very challenging, yet very rewarding work.

Being a "lifelong learner" isn't just a phrase we recite but a way of life that we demonstrate each and every day. Through our learning and growing, we are changing the face of education and are literally changing the world for our students. Your hard work matters.

Please take a few moments to watch this great TED video. It reminds us to continue to reach, grow, and become. It reminded me of what you all do every day. We can all improve and fortunately, we are in an environment where perfection isn't expected...only perseverance and our professional best!

Thank you for being amazing. You really are "SUPER STARS"!

Professional Learning

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 3pm

Learning Lab

Effective Utilization of Data in Design

Presented by Gordon Butler

Remember to bring your recent class data.

Tweet Chat

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 7pm

Your Choice!

Growth Mindset tweet chat to discuss our personal learning. Get ready for a fun evening of sharing ideas!

Open Conference - ED CAMP

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 3pm

Learning Commons

This month's Open Conference ED CAMP will focus on instructional strategies and technology integration that will help meet the needs of our economically disadvantaged and ELL populations. We are looking forward to learning from our own resident experts and learning from one another. Begin thinking about questions you have and knowledge you can share.