The FRIDAY Review

January 3, 2020

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Happy New Year, Spring Hill!

I hope that you all had time to spend with family and friends over the holidays, along with finding time to rest and relax. As we look to the second half of the year, we have a lot to be thankful for. The first part of the 2019-2020 school year was met with trials and tribulations, but we still were able to finish strong in 2019.

Although we lost a few of our staff members for one reason or another, our interview teams did a great job in finding great new additions to our Spartan Family. We welcome our last three hires...Candice Clark (Mental Health Counselor), Mrs. Kim McMillan (Receptionist) and Ms. Sarah Brown (8th Grade ELA/SS Teacher). Well wishes for Mr. Bush who will now be working at his kids' own middle school in West End, Mrs. Janet (who will be officially retiring in January) and Ms. Amy Locklear (who took a position with the Veteran Affairs out of Hoke County). A big shout out to Sherri McInnis who helped out until the receptionist vacancy was filled.

Many of our staff members have experienced loss in their families and/or undergone medical procedures. We continue to lift you all in prayer. May you have peace, comfort and healing for the 2020 school year!

I'm looking forward to an even stronger finish to the 2019-2020 school year, but it takes an effort on all of our parts. We must hold each other up, have each others' backs and look after each other while doing one of the hardest jobs there is...educating and looking after our Spartans! As we return to school on Monday, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take this opportunity to start anew and plan for the best year ever!


From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Discipline Reminder - Students should not be sent to the front office for discipline issues unless it is a major infraction (fighting).
  • NURSE VISITS - Please utilize your nurse kit in your classroom for bandaids. Students should not be sent to the front office / nurse for bandaids. (Protect instructional time)
  • Faculty Meeting Monday (Jan 6th) - (Required) Bring a charged device, your testing manual (if you have yours), your login information for NC TEST and your PATIENCE.
  • TESTING THIS WEEK - 8th grade Science (Wed 1/8), 6 - 8th grade Reading (Fri 1/10) and 6 - 8th grade Math (Tues 1/14). NO ELECTIVES ON Fri (1/10) or Tues (1/14). Please schedule your core classes accordingly.
  • CHROMEBOOK COLLECTION - Thursday, 1/9 -Teachers, please have your chromebooks and chargers in one location on Thursday so that pull out students' chromebooks can be picked up. Teachers should not plan on using Chromebooks for instruction on Thursday - Tuesday so that preparations for testing can be made. Be sure that all students bring their chromebooks on Thursday and leave them at school until Tuesday for testing purposes. NO STUDENT SHOULD TAKE THEIR CHROMEBOOK HOME FROM THURSDAY -TUESDAY.
  • SHOUT OUTS / SUNSHINE IMAGES BELOW - Be sure to click on the images at the bottom to get information on Shout Outs and Sunshine NEWS.
  • ELECTIVE TEACHERS - Students will not bring Chromebooks to Elective classes on Thursday or Monday. They will be collected for testing. (NO Elective classes on Friday or Tuesday).
  • CALCULATOR COLLECTION - Calculators for testing with pull out students will be collected on Monday (1/13). Please have them in an easy location for pick up.
  • Don't forget to click on
  • PARENT CALL - Be sure to call the parent of any student that is written up on the day the referral is submitted. Don't forget to call when a cell phone has been confiscated, as well. Thanks!
  • SMART LUNCH - No Smart Lunch due to testing UNTIL Jan 23.
  • PARENT COMMUNICATION - (Required) Each team should have a method that they are communicating with parents on a weekly basis (Renind APP, Group Text, newsletter, email, etc.)
  • ON YOUR FEET - It is imperative that teachers are up on your feet monitoring students during instruction. Circulating can eliminate off task behaviors and ensure engagement.
  • WALKTHROUGH FEEDBACK - Walkthroughs will be sent to your email with details, including an attached script.
  • REMINDER - In March / April, a contracted group will be visiting our school to look for evidence from the strategies in the ELEOT tool. First and foremost, visitors will be looking for engagement. Are you incorporating movement, hands-on activities, student responses (thumbs up / down, response cards, etc.), writing, technology, group work


  • LESSON PLANS - As admin conduct observations and walkthroughs, we are finding outdated lesson plans uploaded. Please update.
  • TWO QUESTIONS - Don't forget HOT questions for EACH Learning Activity.
  • POWER TIME CHANGE - Teachers should be at your DOOR supervising students in and oustide the classroom. Please continue to model reading for our students and ensure they are reading and writing. This will be monitored and feedback given.
  • STAY TUNED - STIPEND - Teachers that participated in the STEM training on August 5th will receive a $125 stipend for your attendance. Coming soon.
  • TARDIES - Arriving late in the morning to your duty station / classroom could result in a serious matter. This will be addressed individually, but be reminded anything can happen without your presence.
  • Would you like to recognize a colleague for their birthday or special occasion for only $10? The rock is up for rental for both students and staff. .
  • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

From Mrs. Tippett

    • Winter Sports Sign Up
    • 7th, 8th & elective teachers------Please open the athletics spreadsheet below to view game dates & dismissal times for our athletes. You may want to print out a copy so you will know when to send athletes to the gym at the designated time. Please see me or the coach if you have any questions.


    • Please ensure that safety procedures and information are included in all substitute plans.


    • REQUIRED refresher test training will be Monday, January 6 during the staff meeting. Everyone must attend due to Check-In testing starting on Wednesday, January 8.
    • Requests for calculator batteries should have been reported before Christmas break.
    • TENTATIVE Check-In 2 schedule:
    • Science, Wednesday, January 8
    • ELA, Friday, January 10
    • Math, Tuesday, January 14


    • Lesson Plans: Be reminded to keep Lesson Plans updated. Also, be reminded to add a Passage and Higher Order Thinking Questions.

    • C&I LiveBinder Updates:

      All Livebinders have been updated with any necessary new links to the NCDPI "new and improved" webpage. In addition, all assessment and test spec tabs have been linked directly to a page with the links to the most updated test specs available from DPI. This new page of links will ensure that any changes made to the test specs, by the State, will be automatically updated for us.

      In addition, all NCDPI subject-specific google sites have been added to the live binders, if they were not linked prior. This includes PE/Healthful Living and Spanish.

    • Check-In Kick-Off: More information to come

    • Be sure to visit the site and identify resources. Think outside of the box and use it to enhance what you are already doing

    • Sign up for your free trial!!!

    • This month's focus is Vocabulary and Higher Order Thinking Questions.

    Upcoming Dates

    • January 2-3- Optional Teacher Workday

    • January 6 - Staff Meeting

    • January 8- PBIS Wacky Wednesday Raffle

    • January 8 - 8th Grade Science Test

    • January 9 - Chromebook Collection

    • January 10 - TLC

    • January 10 - (6 -8th grade) Reading Check In

    • January 14 - (6 - 8th grade) Math Check In

    • January 13 - Calculator Check In

    • January 13-17- CTE Post Assessments Window - Middle School

    • January 17 - End of Grading Period

    Please click the Images below for more information!

    Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at