By: Maria Gentolizo

Kraft's Mission Statement

"Helping People Around The World To Eat & Live Better"

Kraft loves to help people by making a difference in their lives with their food products, setting a smile to their faces with the delicious and satisfying making of Kraft.

Kraft's Products!

Kraft Careers

The career opportunities that are listed in Kraft are shown below: here's 5:

- Line Leader
- Training Supervisor
- Sanitation Manager
- Lab Manager
- Maintenance Mechanic

One career that will be discussed about will be the Sanitation Manager.

"Directs plant supervision activities to produce quality products through effective and cost efficient sanitation programs that comply with all established policies and procedures. Objectives are met through coordination of management objectives with each business unit manager, the Plant Quality Manager and plant supervision."

Primary Responsibilities/Accountabilities - one of them

" Lead for the sanitary design process at the plant. Develop and lead a cross function sanitary design team at the plant that supports all projects that include new assets, asset relocation, and asset modification. The sanitary design process includes establishing and executing periodic cleaning & PMs to prevent harborage and it includes establishing & executing the validation of the routine and periodic procedures."

Up to $75, 142