Sub Lesson Plans

December 1st - PM Class ONLY

Welcome to Ms. Caldwell's PM Class

THANK YOU so much for subbing in my class today! Please feel free to make your self at home!

  • You may store your belongings in the closet next to the door
  • There is coffee is in the lounge
  • The adult bathroom is located in the main hall
  • Mrs. Alma and Mrs. Nunez are FABULOUS and can answer any questions you might have!!

Meet My Students

  1. Anushka Goswami- She has full time nurse that assists her throughout the school day. Her nurses name is Mrs. Tori.
  2. David Sanchez- Dominguez
  3. Dalena Tran- She is new to my class and needs more assistance than others. She likes to throw objects, we are working on teaching her what to do with the objects.
  4. Yerik Hernandez-Herver
  5. Awad- He mainstreams into Mrs. Domingcil's class from 1:45-2:50. She is in the blue hall. Mrs. Nunez will escort him down.
  6. Noah Segura- He requires two people to assist when moving him in and out of his chair. He is dependent on teachers for all of his needs.

Daily Schedule

11:40-12:10- Assist in afternoon arrival in the cafeteria

12:10-12:15- Escort students back to class

12:15- Students will put belongings in locker and check- in for the school day.

12:15- 12:25- Carpet toys such as legos or blocks until the announcements begin. During this time we put Noah's AFOs on and put him in his activity chair. Also, we make sure Anushka is sitting in her blue chair. Make sure to keep eyes and hands near Dalena.

12:25- Announcements will begin on the screen. Mrs. Nunez will be able to assist you.

12:30- Circle time

Hello Song-


Count to 20-

Days of the week-

Starfall Calendar

Introduce letter Gg

12:45- 1:10- Sensory Room (Green 4) During this time we can put Anushka and Noah in standing equipment. Make sure to keep eyes on Dalena, she tends to throw toys in the sensory room.

1:10- Make your way back to class.

1:15- Transition Song-

1:20- Story time- There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell

1:25- 1:55- Centers (Whole Group)

Letter Gg is for Gumballs. Using dot markers and the letter G.

Students can then use roll a dough to make letter G's

Work on tracing names/lines

iPads if you have time.

1:55- 2:20 Specials (Science Class)


2:30- 2:45- Free choice Centers and bathrooms

2:45-2:55- Snack in classroom

2:55- Pack up to go home

3:00- Head to the cafeteria for dismissal

Bus Riders 75- Yerik and Awad

Car Riders- David, Dalena, Anushka, Noah