Deciduous Forest

Josh Tarajcak and sam kutz

World Location

In North America, Eastern Asia, western and central Europe.


  • Temperature patterns: -30 to 30 degrees

  • Precipitations patterns: 75 to 150 cm.


  • the soil in the deciduous forest Is fertile, enriched with decaying litter.


  • there are many types of trees in the deciduous forest including oak,hemlock,beech,cotton wood,maple,bass wood.


  • birds, fox, deer, raccoons, opossoms and porcupines are all examples of animals that live in the deciduous forest

Human impacts:

humans were able to build houses and ships out of wood from the forests.Also forests are good for farms and crops.

interesting facts:

  • sap from the trees help protect the trees roots from freezing when temperatures drop
  • trees in the tempurate deciduous forest change there color every season because they stop producing chorophyll
Temperate Deciduous Forest