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At Home With Janelle is a brand new concept! --Home Decor Online Direct Sale Company - utilizing web and social media marketing.! No Parties required! The ideas are simple, really: Offer a beautiful and highly desirable product line, via a booming segment of the economy, giving families across the country a real way to make a real difference in their monthly budget. Stay customer focused with value pricing, loyalty rewards and daily deals. Give products they simply won’t find anywhere else. Add exciting “limited time offers” and new products constantly ~ be bold! Leverage Social Media and personal relationships to make it all work efficiently and effectively. Eliminate the hoops of required home parties to expand the appeal of the business to a whole new demographic. (but still enable home parties for people who love them!) Offer free training and support, with no upfront cost to get started. Make a difference for real families. Make a difference ~ right here At Home With Janelle


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