5 Themes of geography Austin

By: Elizabeth Battle

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  • Austins absolute location is 30.2500° N, 97.7500° W.
  • Austin is nearby San Antonio.

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  • Austin, Texas has bloomed over the last couple of years. so big that annalist determined that 63000 people move to Austin each year and 172 people move to Austin each day.
  • Many people also come to austin for the concerts, red carpets, football games, and bats.
  • One big event that happens in Austin is the Austin music festival. On average 75,000 people attend the event each day and for the week 225,000 people.

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Austin has a couple of regions. these regions just like most of Texas have different land shapes and forms. Many people live in certain regions because of the landscape but there other reasons like famaliy, religion, race, culture, better homes, school district, jobs and many more reasons.
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Human enviorment and enteraction

For almost the last three years most of Texas has been in a drought. Texans have been put on watering conservations to protect the water we have left. One reason why Austin has been kept afloat from going to extreme levels of conservation if because of the Mansfield dam. The Mansfield dam holds the water of the Colorado river, and forms on top Lake Travis. Though the dam holds back a lot of water its at its lowest amount its ever been at in the last about 60 years at 621 feet and dropping.

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The reason why i put this picture here is because a lot of people perceive Texans as cowboys and cowgirls. That we all ride our horses to school to stores, and to work; that we always say "y'all" and that "everything is bigger in Texas".