2.09 Steps Of The Selling Process

BY: Jessica Fulk

Approach Customers

The first encounter with a customer is important. You will need to approach the customers in a professional manner. And ask if he/she is needing help with anything.

Determine Needs

You need to find customers interest in the need of buying the product. And trying to get the customer to buy the product as soon as it comes out or before it comes out.

Find customer's reasons for buying as early as possible.

Present The Products

What does that product do?

How Does that product work?

Why would that product help in life?

When will that product be most useful.

Overcome Objections

Giving you a limited time to buy or sale a product. Or to make you hesitate about wanting to buy something, or about not wanting to buy something and doubting about it.

Close The Sales

To close the sale, looking to buy. You can help customers make decisions.

Suggestion Selling

Selling additional goods to enhance the original purchase. And to try to talk customers into buying a product.

Build Relationship

Follow ups are good for customers.

Customers service handles complaints.