Burton-Pack Family Newsletter

Week of 11/20/2022

Message From the Principal

Greetings Bulldog Families,

We had another great week of rigorous instruction. Our students completed their STAR progress monitoring for ELA and Math.

Temporarily Unavailable

Earlier this year I was in a pretty bad accident. I had to make the tough decision to take the time to have surgery on my back. I am depending on my very competent Assistant Principals to ensure that the hard work I have put into building relationships with you and the culture of educating our students while loving them remains the same in my absence. If you need anything, please contact Ms.Jackson or Ms.Fanning. Please keep me in your prayers as I heal and recover. I will be back as your servant leader in December.


  • School starts at 7 am. Instruction is from 7:30am-2:30pm.If you are bringing in your child after 7:30, please remember that they are missing ELA instruction. We do not want their grades to be affected due to missing vital instruction time.
  • If a student needs to be picked up early, please do so by 1:30 pm. Special circumstances such as doctor's appointments are acceptable as long as the school is made aware as soon as possible, not when you come to pick up after 1:30 pm. Math instruction is still occurring from 1:30-dismissal. We want all of our scholars to receive their math instruction so that their academics and grades aren't affected.
  • Teachers are not able to speak with parents during instructional time. If there is ever a reason you need to speak with your child's teacher, please contact them to set up a meeting time. All teachers do have a planning period of 45 minutes each day. If you ever need to meet in person during school hours, this would be a great time. Contact your child's teacher for that information.
  • Dismissal begins at 2:20 and ends at 3:15. Please have your child picked up by then.
  • Anyone who enters the building for any reason must check in with their driver's license. Please have your driver's license with you so that there won't be any delay.
  • Students MUST have shoes with a closed back. Flip-flops, and crocs without the strap on the back, are safety concerns.
  • Students/parents/families should not take the shortcut to school through the fence. This is very dangerous. There is a train track that runs through that area.
  • Please remind your child that sleeping during class is prohibited. A student can't learn if they are asleep.
  • Please remind your child that all hoodies and hats are not to be worn inside the building.

Afterschool Care

Afterschool care is provided at Burton-Pack by Barron Academy for a fee. Please contact 803-708-4786.

Calling All Volunteers!!!

At the moment we are able to have volunteers in our buildings to support various aspects of the school. I am very excited! We want you involved. Please fill out the volunteer form https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/NTcyOmVuLVVT form. Once you are cleared, we will contact you to see how we can collaborate to support our students.

Please remember to sign up for PTO and/or SIC. Your support matters and is greatly appreciated. Please contact demetrea.cooper@richlandone.org or monique.jackson@richlandone.org.

Student Code of Conduct

The Burton-Pack Student/Parent handbook was sent home last week. Please feel free to get stop by to get another copy if needed. Attached is the District's 2022-2023 Student Code of Conduct. Please make sure that you and your child are familiar with it. Please email ashton.jones@richlandone.org if you have any questions.


Mark Your Calendars

  • 11/23/22-11/25/22 No School, Thanksgiving Break

Changes in Transportation

Please remember that it is important that you must call the school or send a note for changes in transportation.


Parent(s) and guardian(s), we need your help with attendance. There are too many students arriving late. There are also too many students being picked up early. Important instruction is being lost. If you bring your child to school after 10:30, please know that they will be marked absent for the day. We will never deny a child entry into the school, however, if they are more than 3 hours late, they will be marked absent. Please remember that 3 absences are considered truant which then involves the school social worker and other outside resources if necessary.

Classroom Visitations

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many parents come to sit in with their children. We are a team! However, unless requested by the teacher, this can't be an everyday event. This causes a distraction to your child and the other students in the class.

Also, please remember that classroom visits should be no longer than 30 minutes. Classroom visits consist of you observing your child. There should be no conversation between you and anyone in the room as we are providing quality instruction. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please ask for an administrator before you leave so that we can address them with the appropriate party.

If you would like to have more engaging opportunities in the classroom, please sign up to volunteer. Once you have been approved, please contact me and we can collaborate on where your support is needed most in the building.