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What is Vita Hair Brush?

The Vita Hair Brush is a laser hair stimulator for healthy hair and an equally healthy scalp. It works electrically and provides a pleasant scalp massage at the onset of hair loss, stimulating hair follicles to grow better and remove any dandruff to rid the scalp of excessive dirt and sebum. This allows your scalp to breathe again and also gives you a soothing massage that not only makes your hair grow better, but also helps relieve light headaches.

Why do I need this device?

Women are very often dependent on their hormonal balance and are therefore often subject to physical fluctuations. During the cycle or pregnancy, for example, or during the menopause, the first signs of hair loss may appear. Many women are frightened when they suddenly find tufts of hair in bed or bathtub, no matter how young or old they are. For this reason, this laser hair stimulator for deep scalp massage is a good way to stimulate and improve hair growth.

Vita Hair Brush rating and recommendation

Hormones are very active, especially in women, month after month they are stimulated and released in the body and so the body is constantly urged to function properly. Both as a person and as a woman. He has to take care of a thousand things and so some things can fall by the wayside. If there is either a vitamin deficiency or a hormonal disorder, the hair and scalp can no longer function so well and hair falls out.

To prevent this, the scalp needs a massage to remove both dirt and sebum and other deposits on the scalp (for example, chemical additives from shampoos, conditioners and hair cures) so that the hair follicles can regain air and grow. The Vita Hair Brush scalp massager restores healthy hair and a healthy and refreshed scalp. You don't have to do much yourself, your arms don't get lame, because the brush takes care of everything for you. And after a short time you will see how your hair suddenly gets more strength and fullness.

Vita Hair Brush technical facts

Thanks to the latest brilliant scientific technology, Vita Hair's Laser Hair Stimulator uses special low-level infrared cooling laser beams to rejuvenate and restore the growth of new, healthy and vibrant hair. Low level laser therapy uses the light energy of our laser diodes to penetrate the scalp and invigorate the cells. This in turn not only provides nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, but also stimulates cell metabolism and reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which plays an important role in hair loss, by driving adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for better hair growth.

Infrared energy stimulates the deepest parts of the hair follicles and regenerates the surface of these hair follicles. It is shown to effectively nourish the hair root and help make hair follicles thicker. This groundbreaking device also helps improve blood circulation with Bio-Stimulating Vibration Technology. Studies show that the combined effect of infrared energy and bio-wave functionality significantly increases hair strength, improves hair quality and stops hair loss.

Vita Hair Brush Test and quality features

The product comes from the USA and was developed there. Already several American magazines (The Huffington Post, Psychology Today) have talked about this product and advertised it positively and very effectively.
Vita Hair Brush

Vita Hair Brush Reviews

A brush that you don't have to use yourself and that gives you heavy arms and at the same time helps you to grow your hair better and remove dirt from your scalp sounds like a dream at first, but has become reality with the new Vita Hair Brush. Almost like an electric toothbrush just for the head! It stimulates your hair follicles with a gentle massage and infra-red lighting, reducing hair growth inhibiting hormone and activating hair growth promoting hormone. It is well known that a scalp massage helps to stimulate hair growth and can easily be done with your own hands, even without a brush. However, this special brush from the USA is supposed to do this even better, among other things by infrared technology, which penetrates deep into the hair root and activates the hormones and follicle there. Whether it actually helps as much as it is advertised on the Internet, everyone has to find out for themselves.

A user of this brush reports that her hair has become thinner since she was 50 years old, but now that she has used this brush, it is as if the hands of the watch are turned back and her hair is thick and luxuriant again. She had already tried everything and that was the only thing that actually worked.

Another user says she finds it "just so relaxing". She would otherwise have her scalp massaged elsewhere if she went to the spa. She heard that it would be good to stimulate her hair follicles. But now she just massaged her scalp at home with this special brush and she just thought it was so much better. And much cheaper.

Another user of this special brush says people could never guess her age. Fortunately she looks quite young for her age, she continues, but when her hair got too thin, people would have assumed she was much older than she actually is. Since using the scalp massager, her hair has become more youthful again and she has felt good about how she looks again. This device has worked wonders and she can only recommend it! Further customer experiences can be found via this link! *

Where can I buy Vita Hair Brush?

The scalp massage brush is only available online via the manufacturer's website and can only be ordered there. However, discounts and free shipping to your home are also offered here. If you order two brushes at once, you can save up to 45 percent on the final price and up to 50 percent on three brushes.

However, since this offer can be found on an American website, it is not entirely certain whether these discounts and services also apply to people in Europe. No information can be found on the manufacturer's website, although the company's address is in the Netherlands and the place of jurisdiction in the general terms and conditions of the contract is British Columbia.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The following information can be found about the manufacturer/provider:

Company address:
Strong Current Enterprises Limited
Postbus 202, 6670AE tedders
The Netherlands

Homepage: *

Phone: +1 609 414 7087
Email address: support(at)vitahairbrush(dot)com

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