Kaizen- 1% Better Every Day

Continuous Incremtental Improvement


Shout out to Beverly for all the sweet treats last week and loving on our kids! I heart you! - Elizabeth

A shout out to the teachers for allowing me to randomly pop into their classrooms to pull students for assessments!! They always had a smile on their face and made me feel welcome!! – Heather

Shout out to Rachel and the girls in SLC for organizing a crazy SLC schedule and meeting the needs of all their kiddos! – Mary

Shout out to Wojno and Bingham for collaborating together through the differentiation process in order it find the right lessons to meet the needs of their students. – Erika

Shout out to the 2nd grade and 4th grade teams for always coming a few minutes early to pick up your kids. Thanks for helping our day run smoothly! - Renee

Shout out to Ann for doing a great job and keeping all the kiddos in line! –Renee

Thank you to the BEST TEAM EVER and thank you to Mary and Penny for the best beginning of the year so far! – Tami

A big, warm welcome to Andrea Austin and Ann Lesiak, our new Art Teacher and PE Aide! They are both wonderful ladies who are doing a fabulous job working with us and our students. It’s going to be a great year! Thanks ladies - we’re so glad you are with us! Patty and Renee

Meredyth Lund for helping out so much the past couple of weeks. Mel Porter for stepping up to the plate and fitting right in! April Dettmann for organizing my workspace! Dawn Day for helping me remember EVERYTHING! – Rachel

3rd grade math teachers - Thank you for your great teaching techniques! The students are well prepared for the problem solving block! – Kim Slack

Thank you to my FANTASTIC 4th grade team! – Kim Slack

Thank you to the front office and admin for getting our year off to a smooth start! (Extra kudos to Cindy for your long hours.) – Kim Slack

Shout out to Sharon, who has helped Resource kids to have a great start for the new school year! Thank you for all your hard work during the day, and after the students leave! Your help is greatly appreciated!!! I always know that the students are in good hands! Thank you for your creative ideas, endurance and hard work! – Inga

Shout out to Kim Scott, who has shared some supplies with Resource kids! Thank you for thinking of us! J - Inga

Thank you to all grade level teachers, who work with our sped kids! Your love, acceptance, and hard work helps them in many indescribable ways, even if sometimes it’s hard to see. - Inga

Kid Wisdom!

2nd Grade Kid Wisdom-

Teacher: “What does Reading Aloud look like?”

Student: “Hot and Sweaty”

We had just came in from recess, and started a read aloud for review!

Professional Learning

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