Library News

November 2015

It was a rainy & quiet month...

Whew! After all the activity in October, November was a relatively quiet month around the media center. We were busy with checkouts everyday and with our usual "other" jobs like the website, the electronic sign, Facebook & Twitter posts.

We welcomed Mrs. Tepedino's health classes in for research on nutrition and also checked out a selection of books on body systems for her to use with that unit.

Mrs. Shuler's students each researched a country using books and the internet.

Mrs. Sutherland's class enjoyed Thanksgiving stories right before the holiday. One of the books we read was "The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.". It was a great way to prepare for Turkey Day!

The Month at a Glance

# School Days = 18

#Classes seen = 28

Avg. Daily Walk-in Traffic = 396

Total # circulations = 2049

Average PER PUPIL circulation = 1.16

# Technology Assists (either ETS or us) = 35